Hawaii skunk

The Hawaii Skunk, as the name gives away, comes as a result of crossing the Hawaii and Skunk strains. She gets characterized by a short height and how fantastically she is to get grown outdoors. She is ideal for that novice or even experienced grower and smoke, too.

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Important information about this strain

The best thing with the Hawaii Skunk is that she produces massive buds that contain orange or red pistons. When cultivated indoors, the heights go up to 80cm while in the case of an outdoor growing, the plants have up to 220cm heights.

This means that the growers who are somewhat hideous in pot cultivation can entirely rely on this beauty to give them yields without worrying about anyone noticing. That can happen, especially when you grow her on your balcony.

She is mostly a Sativa with a Sativa-dominance of 75% and 25% Indica. The THC levels go to as high as a 20-30% range. The flowering time is also short when the strains get cultivated indoors, and it occurs between 8 and 9 weeks.

For the outdoor growers, they can expect to reap their harvests between September and October, so it would be worthwhile to order their seeds in advance to fix he schedule in such a way that the harvesting will happen within those two months.

What are the effects of this strain?

Being Sativa-dominant, the Hawaii Skunk gives feelings of happiness, especially when taken during the day, where the day would have otherwise been dreary. Also, Hawaii Skunk has some curative effects since she has some normal amounts of CBD. You can use her to enhance moods, alleviate daily stressors, and also solve migraines. 

Growing Hawaii Skunk

Hawaii Skunk has a medium growing difficulty and befits amateurs and veterans in pot cultivation alike. Also, she does well in outdoor, indoor, and hydroponic environments. 

Yield of Hawaii Skunk

The difference in yields when Hawaii Skunk gets cultivated indoors and outdoors is small. For example, in an indoor environment, she yields up to 400gms per square meter while in the case of an indoor growing environment, she yields up to 450450gms per square meter. 

What does this strain taste like?

The Hawaii Skunk maintains the taste and scent of Skunk, and she has a skunky flavor and aroma.