Kryptonite feminized seeds

The feminized Kryptonite strain is among our valuable and sturdiest marijuana strains in planet earth. Necessarily, she produces more of medicinal than recreational effects, which is why you will perhaps hear of kryptonite cannabis in the medical marijuana context. Kryptonite feminized is ideally our typical efforts after crossing the Greatest of All Times; Medijuana with Amnesia Trance

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Kryptonite is known in the comic book world as Superman’s only weakness – we don’t know too much about that. What we do know is that Kryptonite weed is ours, and it’ll probably be yours too. This gorgeous little number is a cross between’s Medijuana and an another incredibly potent strain called Amnesia Trance, so what are you waiting for?

High THC levels

This strain has a very high THC level and so is definitely not for the faint of heart. It is incredibly potent. This hybrid really will blow your mind with its citrusy flavor and powerful effects that will leave you wanting more. The high from smoking Kryptonite is quite a long-lasting one too! So make sure you’ve got plenty of snacks and entertainment to keep you going. As we’ve said, this strain is pretty strong and may make you feel sedated. So just a fair warning from us, you should pace yourself if you’re a beginner.

For creativity

If you’ve hit a wall, creatively speaking, Kryptonite may be just the thing you need. Many users report that this strain gets their creative juices flowing. So why not give this one a try and see if it helps you finish your artistic projects?

Kryptonite truly is a jack of all trades – due to its high THC level. This strain is fantastic for smoking socially with friends, but is also very effective at relieving pain. As well as a high THC level, this strain also is rich in CBD which is known all over the world for its healing potential.

Kryptonite seeds take a little bit of time to grow with a flowering time of 12 weeks. But trust us, it’s worth the wait. Growing these seeds is super-rewarding and also pretty easy, seeing as the plants that grow from the seeds are highly resistant to mould.

Need more information?

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