Amnesia Trance feminized Cannabis Seeds

If you would like your day to rock, then starting it with a hit of the Amnesia Trance dope is inevitable. This strain has only gotten better with the time, especially after they – feminized her. They have also perfected her over the years to make her even better than the regular Amnesia Trance. Thankfully, we would like every reader of ours to experience the true definition of absolute mother nature when they taste the Amnesia Trance feminized seeds.

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In-depth information about this feminized strain

As of this moment, you may be wondering, “Who are the Amnesia Trance feminized Cannabis Seeds’ parents?” Well, Amnesia comes about as a result of crossing the Cambodian and Super Silver Haze, and Leafly says that Amnesia Trance originated from South Asia and Jamaica.

The Amnesia Trance feminized is the 2.0 version of the regular Amnesia Trance, and she is mostly sativa, with a measly inclination to the Indica side. She is 65% Sativa and 35% Indica, and so, she provides the typical effects of Indica and Sativa. Her THC amounts are also skyrocketed and range between 20-30%.

Her indoor height is 90cm, with the outdoor heights going up to 250cm. The indoor flowering time is also short and ranges between 9 and 10 weeks. If you prefer going the outdoors way, then you can be sure to time yourself such that between October and November, you can harvest your yields.

While she takes her time to grow and flower, this is in no way a bad thing. Patience eventually wins and pays in the sense that she produces massive buds and THC flowers. Lest you forget, Amnesia Trance won the High Time Cannabis Cup in 2004. Let nothing hold you back from growing once an award-winner.

Which effect does this strain give?

Amnesia Trance fem, being an Indica/Sativa strain, produces uplifting and energetic effects, with profoundly relaxing effects that are fantastic for that pothead who wishes to unwind after a tiresome day. It would be worthwhile if you take Amnesia Trance weed with a group of friends or even hotbox it!

Is this strain suitable for beginners?

Amnesia Trance fem has a medium growing difficulty, and thus ideal for that grower who has some eons of experience. If you are a beginner, don’t worry that this isn’t the best strain for you. We have more than 110 marijuana strains in store for you.

How big of a harvest do you get from this strain?

When cultivated indoors, Amnesia Trance feminized yields up to 450gms per square meter, while her outdoor yields go as high as 600gms per square meter.

What flavour and scent to expect?

Amnesia Trance fem has an earthy and peppery flavor, while the aroma is citrusy and lemony.