Medijuana ®

You won’t be utterly wrong to think of Medijuana as an acronym for medical marijuana. Necessarily, would you like to enjoy ALL the typical benefits of medical cannabis? Of course, yes. Now, the Medijuana medical strain packs all the distinct advantages of therapeutic grass. You could search this world over, but hey! No better potent Indica-dominant strain than the AMS Medijuana strain, packing more than 25% THC. 

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$ 50,00$ 70,00’s Medijuana ® Cannabis Seeds strain is one of a kind in that it truly is an incredible healer – it’s an amazing medicine and the best part is, its completely natural! Perfect for those who don’t want to put chemicals into their body. However, this one is definitely not for the faint of heart with its 25% THC content, it’s a heavy-hitting Indica with crazy powerful effects. You’ve been warned!

World famous strain

This strain is famous all around the world for its medicinal properties and can help to manage the symptoms of a whole range of conditions. As a great pain reliever, Medijuana has the potential to ease chronic pain, insomnia, loss of appetite, and depression – as well as countless other ailments. Like we said though, this is not for beginner smokers – it really does it hard.

Sweet but spicy

This weed has very interesting flavors and is a very smooth smoke. It is somehow both sweet and spicy, with hints of earthiness, pine, and wood. Medijuana is gorgeous to look at too, with dark green buds that glisten in the sun. The plant itself Is pretty small, but it grows fast the results are very rewarding, producing dense buds every time.

An euphoric strain

Medijuana is renowned for its powerful effects, delivering a quick-acting euphoria that lasts for what feels like forever – it is a full-body high and may leave you feeling a little overwhelmed. Smoking this strain before bed is like a dream, so why not try it today?