L.A. Don Fem Cannabis Seeds

Are you on the lookout for the best Indica strains that guarantee a peaceful night’s sleep? Then the feminized L.A. Don strain is what will sort you out the best. She is 95% Indica dominant and only 5% Sativa. In addition to helping you get a more improved sleeping cycle, she also enables you to solve sleep inhibiting factors such as pain, stress, and anxiety. 

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What makes L.A. Don Fem Cannabis Seeds so special?

The parental figures are L.A. Confidential and Black Domina, and the two contain skyrocketed levels of THC, ideally between 20% and 30%.

An earthy smelling strain

The L.A. Don feminized strain is characterized by the natural, earthy smell of cannabis. This could typically be what you only need to keep you in bed after undergoing the daily stressors and tiredness from a long day at work or even physical exercise. 

Be sure to take the strain when you are already in bed as you won’t be in a position to stand up after taking a couple of tokes from this Indica-dense strain.

An easy to grow feminized strain

If you are that beginner who is worried about how you can get your feet in pot cultivation, then the L.A. Don fem guarantees your successful journey. It does well in indoor, outdoor, and hydroponic growing environments.  

The flowering time is also short (anywhere between 7 and 9 weeks), and the yields per square meter are mostly enormous. That is 3-6OZ either indoors or outdoors.

Should you decide to go the outdoors route, the harvesting season should be between September and October. 

That means you can succeed as a domestic or commercial marijuana grower with the feminized version of the L.A Don.

What feminized strains do you prefer?

By now, perhaps you are convinced the L.A. Don feminized grass plant best suits your prepared growing medium. You can place your order on the Amsterdammarijuanaseeds.com website and have your seeds hassle-free. 

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