M.O.A.B – mother of all buds ® feminized

MOAB Fem, short for Mother of All Buds Feminized, is that typical package that will give a completely unforgettable experience. The strain contains massive yields, high levels of Tetrahydrocannabinol and normal CBD levels, and of course, enormous buds.

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In-depth information about this strain

This feminized strain has between 20 and 30% THC and is mostly Sativa dominant with 80% dominance and 20% Indica. The height is mostly tall and goes up to 140cm when cultivated indoors. When MOAB – Mother of All Buds Feminized Marijuana Seeds gets cultivated outdoors, you can expect her to grow as high as 300cm.

So, what parental figures have been used to come up with the feminized MOAB? Well, we have bred Blueberry 420, Hindu Kush, and Bluedream XTRM.

The result is this strain that has a somewhat long flowering time, which is, in this case ranging anywhere between 9 and 11 weeks indoors. When you cultivate the beauty outdoors, the best month to grow the queen is anywhere between October and November, which should tell you that you need to time yourself properly as sprout the seeds.

The buds have a great shape, and the leaves are massive. Necessarily, you would have to subject the plant to sufficient water to make the buds remain adequately hydrated and have the plants grow to full height to unleash their yielding potential.

What are the mental/physical effects of this strain?

As the Mother of All Buds feminized is a Sativa-dominant strain, the effects are mostly uplifting and induce feelings of creativity and clear mental focus. That means you can entirely rely on MOAB fem for starting your day and get you going with the daily work.

Nonetheless, the THC levels may not be the best for the wannabe pot consumer. Instead, beginners may explore our different more than 110 strains to find their perfect fit. She induces feelings of happiness and creates a peaceful environment in mind.

Is this a beginner friendly strain to grow?

Moab Fem has a medium/hard growing difficulty which means experts in pot cultivation are those who ought to consider trying out the strain. However, being a beginner doesn’t edge you out from cultivating pot. Filter out the results in our all marijuana strains category.

This is how much yield you can expect

The Mother of All Buds feminized yields up to 550gms per square meter when grown indoors and up to 900gms per square meter in case she gets cultivated outdoors.

Well known for its flavour

MOAB Fem has a sweet and earthy flavour, while the aroma is diesel undertones and blueberry.

Buy MOAB Fem online

If you are experienced in cultivating grass, then nothing should hold you back from growing the MOAB Fem strain. She is available for sale, and her surged demand shows that we may never be honestly able to guess until when she will be in stock. Be sure to place your order today and join the list of fellow expert potheads.

Shipping your MOAB Fem seeds

Amsterdammarijuanaseeds.com stealthily ships the Mother of All Buds strain worldwide and hassle-freely. We are cautious about seeing to it that the growing season doesn’t edge you out.