New York Turbo Diesel autoflower

If you are looking for the auto-flowering version of the splendid regular New York Turbo Diesel, then the New York Turbo Diesel autoflower is here with us. This particular sativa-dominant strain is a High Times Cannabis Cup award-winner, and her sturdiness to adverse weather conditions, pests, and diseases is something worth adoring.

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What makes this strain so special?

New York Turbo Diesel autoflower Cannabis Seeds’ Sativa-dominance is at 75%, while the Indica levels reach 25%. This means that the best time to smoke, vape, or hotbox the piece of dope is during the day to stay more focused, mentally clear, and with alleviated therapeutic maladies.

The THC levels are also high and range between 20 and 30%. This will surely not be the beginner’s ultimate strain to toke. The indoor height is too short and manageable, and you can expect your New York Turbo autoflower to grow to as high as 80cm, while the outdoor heights may go up to 140cm.

You may also consider the indoor flowering time as moderately long since this resinous beauty takes between 9 and 11 weeks to start blossoming. That said, you need to be somewhat patient, as this can not get considered to be the most short-flowering strain.

What are the effects of this strain?

Being Sativa-dominant, the New York Turbo Diesel Auto-flower mostly harbors uplifting effects with a fine touch of mental clarity. Importantly, if you are an absolute beginner, scourge through our more than 120 strains of weed to see which favors you the most.

Is it easy or hard to grow?

New York Tubo Diesel Autoflower has easy/moderate growing difficulty. This means that beginners and those with intermediate experience can wet their feet with this beautiful strain. She does well indoors and outdoors, alike.

Introducing our improved auto-flowering New York Tubo Diesel strain! Originally known for its growing difficulty, our master breeder took on the challenge to enhance this resinous beauty. Cultivating this strain is now a worry-free delight for potheads everywhere.

How much yield can I expect from this seed?

The New York Tubo Diesel autoflower strain yields up to 350gms per square meter when cultivated indoors and up to 750gms per square meter in the case of outdoor growing.

What does this strain taste like?

This strain has a lemony strain with a diesel-like aroma.