Pineapple express auto-fem

The auto-flowering feminized version of the Pineapple Express comes as a result of smart work from, where they crossed the White Widow, Limoncello, and Ruderalis genetics. We selectively bred the three original AMS strains to come up with this pineapple-flavor queen. She is an improved version of the three, and the improvement gets visible in her yields and physical appearance.

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Strain description

Pineapple Express auto-fem Cannabis Seeds has sturdy buds and adapts well to different climatic conditions irrespective of the part of the world where she gets cultivated. The Tetrahydrocannabinol levels are also high, while the CBD amounts are normal. With a 20 to 30% THC range, this isn’t the perfect strain for the ultimate beginner, but we have a plentitude of other cannabis strains with less than 18% THC, where beginners can find solace. 

The indoor height goes to as high as 80cm, with the outdoor height being up to 100cm. Different pot enthusiasts who prefer cultivating grass in secrecy have said time and again that they love her height, thanks to her ability to get planted in the balcony. 

She is also Sativa-dominant, with 75% dominance, while the Indica levels are 25%. The indoor flowering time is also short and ranges between 8 and 9 weeks. Also, as she is auto-flowering, lighting schedules don’t play a critical role in determining the yields she will give.

What are the mental/physical effects of this strain?

Pineapple Express Auto-fem is more of a medical strain, thanks to her ideal cannabinoid profile of THC and CBD. Users report to experience feelings of uplifting, giggling, and intense happiness. 

Can I grow this strain outdoors?

You can expect the growing difficulty of auto-flowering feminized Pineapple Express to be easy or medium, depending on your experience level. She does well indoors and outdoors. 

How much weed does this strain give?

When grown indoors, Pineapple Express Auto-Fem can yield to as high as 350gms per square meter, while in the case where the grower finds outdoor growing better, they can harvest as much as 550gms per square meter. 

What flavour and scent to expect?

Auto-flowering feminized Pineapple Express Auto-fem has a pineapple and kushy aftertaste, while the aroma is kushy. 

How fast is the shipping?

Stealth and guaranteed worldwide delivery best describes If you buy the Pineapple Express Auto-Fem seeds today, there is no worry about where you are situated. They are borderless.