Purple XTRM feminized marijuana seeds

There is a mystery in this name – Amsterdammarijuanaseeds.com Purple XTRM fem strain. Well, the critical reason for addressing this Dutch Dope and Skunk by the very name is that she provides purple buds after a few weeks of flowering. Those who live in mountainous regions with icy conditions can also find solace in the strain as she is so sturdy that not even pests and diseases like her. 

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What makes this strain so special?

Purple XTRM feminized Marijuana Seeds is mostly Sativa, with a dominance of 70% and 30% Indica. The THC levels are also adorable and range anywhere between 5-15%. Also, her CBD levels are normal.

The indoor flowering time ranges between 8 and 9 weeks,  but we also have strains that may flower within 7 weeks, such as our worldwide recognized OG Mass feminized. If you decide to go the outdoors way, then September and October is the best month to reap your yields. Also, we advise our outdoor customers to order their seeds well in advance to evade mishaps, such as climatic changes or any other unanticipated uncertainties. 

Her height is not the shortest as she grows up to 120cm indoors and up to 210cm in the case of outdoor growing. Nonetheless, we have other marijuana strains that grow halfway her heights—for example, our Californian Skunk.  

Effects: a good day-time strain

Being a Sativa-dominant strain, the Purple Power Fem is the best strain for daytime connoisseurs. Our customers always praise our breeder for coming up with this worldwide-recognized Sativa, that brings about the best creative effects. Necessarily, if you are that pothead that is an artist or does literary works, this is your real deal. 

What is the difficulty of growing this strain?

Purple XTRM Fem has easy growing difficulty, and this means beginners, amateurs, and experts can cultivate this sturdy marijuana plant. Also, she does well indoors, outdoors, and in hydroponics. 

How much yield can I expect from this seed?

Purple Power Fem yields up to 450gms per square meter when cultivated indoors and up to 650gms per square meter when grown outdoors. 

Purple Power Fem has a skunky flavor with sweet notes, while her scent is delicious.