Super Nova feminized Marijuana Seeds crossed the worldwide recognized White Widow and Chronic to come up with this massively-yielding strain; Super Nova feminized. Super Nova Fem maintains the qualities attributable to both Chronic and White Widow, where, the stood out healing effects, and adorable recreational benefits of White Widow manifest themselves shortly after taking a Super Nova feminized hit.

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Characteristics of Super Nova Fem

Compared to the more than 110 cannabis strains on our website, we find the Super Nova feminized Marijuana Seeds to have the shiniest THC crystals. She is Indica-dominant and, thus, ideal for those who love smoking during the night. The Indica dominance is at a whopping 70%, while her Sativa levels go up to 30%. Also, being an Indica, the heights are moderately short, and she grows up to 70cm indoors. The outdoor heights go up to 110cm, and this means balcony growers can find her suitable.

She is also highly potent, and the THC amounts range between 20 and 30%. The flowering time is also short and ranges between 8 and 9 weeks. Those who swear by outdoor growing, they should time themselves in such a way that the harvesting months are between September and October.

Which effect does this strain give?

It would be right to say that the Super Nova Fem weed is not for the wannabe connoisseur. Being Indica-dominant, she produces couch-locked effects; thus, it would help if the user knows that in advance.

Is this strain suitable for beginners?

Super Nova Fem edges out beginners to a greater extent. For example, she isn’t that perfect strain for getting smoked by the beginner and also cultivation. She has a medium growing difficulty, and this means intermediates and experts are in the best position to cultivate her.

The expected yield for indoors and outdoors

Super Nova fem yields up to 350gms per square meter when cultivated indoors and up to 500gms per square meter when grown outdoors.

Super Nova Fem has a sweet earthy, aftertaste, while the aroma is kushy.

Does this seller ship to my country?

Regardless of where our customer is in the world, stealthily ships their Super Nova Fem seeds worldwide. This also happens to be the case with our comparison of more than 110 marijuana strains and products.