White NL XTRM Fem

The White NL XTRM feminized strain is among the 11 distinct marijuana strains that can get considered as the Northern Lights offspring. As far as the origin of these strains gets concerned, these strains come from the US West Coast. It is Indica-dominant and ideal for those who struggle who prefer their dope to contain a productive high.

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Characteristics of this strain

White NL XTRM feminized Cannabis Seeds’ Indica dominance is 70%, while Sativa is a mere 30%. The CBD levels are also high in the strain, which makes it more of a medicinal than recreational grass. 

She has open spaces, which gives it some extended steals. She grows to 80cm when cultivated indoors and 110cm in the case of a growing outdoor climate. The buds are usually sticky, hairy, and enclosed in a thick covering of crystal and can get highly recognizable since they swell from any direction. 

Which effect does this strain give?

As she has an American Heritage, the sturdy feminized White NL XTRM proves her Indica-dominance and powerful effects due to her strong cannabinoid profile. The high THC and CBD content help in bringing about the entourage effect, and thus helping in solving inflammatory conditions, heart disorders, and even tumours.  

The effects are most profoundly relaxing, with the best touch in the medicinal properties of cannabis.

How hard is it to grow this strain?

The feminized White NL XTRM strain does well both indoors and outdoors. Her growing difficulty is also easy; thus, making her suitable for that inexperienced grower out there. 

You can expect the flowering to occur between 8 and 9 weeks in an indoor setting, which is genuinely a reasonable amount of weight to wait.

The expected yield

In an indoor setting, the White NL XTRM Fem provides up to 400g per square meter, while in an outdoor environment, you can expect to harvest up to 550g per square meter. 

Taste and Scent of White NL XTRM Fem

The taste and scent of this resin of beauty are mostly sweet. Whenever it reaches your taste buds, you undeniably get delightfully high and with a flavour that you would wish to have over and over. 

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