White widow autoflower Cannabis Seeds

We have a clarification to make in advance. There is a difference between the White Widow autoflower marijuana seeds and the White Widow XTRM autoflower marijuana seeds. This is to let you know that whenever you see the term extreme, it’s there for a purpose and perhaps a key term in differentiating different marijuana strains. 

Now, if looks are a critical determinant while shopping for a cannabis strain, then the Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds did their best to incorporate beauty and exquisiteness in a single strain. White trichomes appeal to the eyes in the case of growing this strain to maturity.

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What makes this strain so special?

Here at AMSB, we recommend that very strain we have trialled and can confidently vouch for. The White widow autoflower Cannabis Seeds aren’t any exception, and here we give what truly impressed us and perhaps would impress even other times to come. 

This is an autoflower that won’t disappoint when it comes to the indoor flowering time. While growing her on our greenhouses, the flowering time was exactly 8 weeks, but AMS says that the strain takes between 8 and 9 weeks. Rest assured that in 2 months or so, you are into starting seeing the fruits of your smart week, which is, to the greatest extent, something fanciable. 

We can’t also fail to mention that the AMS White Widow autoflower is one of the most robust weed plants. This means that commercial cannabis growers can find ultimate solace in growing this strain as she won’t adversely get affected by weather, moulds, white powdery, and caterpillars. 

Which effect does this strain give?

The White Widow autoflower strain is a hybrid with 60% Indica and 40% Sativa. The effects are, therefore, profoundly relaxing and mood-enhancing, which is the replica of both worlds effects-wise – Indica and Sativa, respectively. 

The White Widow autoflowering feminized strain has a THC level ranging between 20 and 30%. It is absolutely worth mentioning that even though you could be interested in benefiting from the afore-mentioned effects, it isn’t a critical idea to go for the grass if you have never smoked any other. Instead, go for a low-THC strain (preferably with 0-9% THC), work your way up to medium THC (10-19% THC), and lastly, graduate to high THC strains such as the White Widow auto (20-30% THC). 

What is the difficulty of growing this strain?

The White Widow autoflower marijuana seeds strain has an easy/moderate growing difficulty. This is a perfect beauty for the amateur and veteran grower. However, it isn’t recommended for the wannabe weed grower. Besides, we have lots of strains we recommend that have an easy growing difficulty and typing “easy” on the search bar of our website will surely provide you with a plentitude of strains to explore. 

Tips for growing this strain 

As you perhaps know, there are different benefits of going for autoflowers as compared to regular or their feminized counterparts. The germination process is straightforward, and with little nuggets, you will get going. We want to let you know that if you are looking forward to being an outdoor grower, then the late ordering will be a disservice to you. Be sure to order your White Widow autoflowering marijuana seeds well in advance. 

The germination is pretty straightforward, and with the paper towel method necessities, then you will successfully sprout these beans. There is no much worry about the lighting schedules of the seedlings as this is an autoflower.

Nonetheless, you will need to subject this strain to sufficient water and nutrients. Organic fertilizers are the real deal, specifically if you can access some worm castings or even coffee grounds. 

How much yield can I expect from this seed?

The White Widow auto-flowering marijuana strain is undoubtedly not the heaviest-yielding auto cannabis plant, but there is more to cannabis than just the yields. The indoor yields are 400gms per square meter and up to 550gms per square meter in the case of outdoor cultivation. 

Everything about the flavour/scent

The White Widow autoflower marijuana seeds strain has a mellow citrus/pine flavour. The scent is fruity. 

FAQs about the White Widow (WW) Auto

What are the standing out similarities and the differences between the WW Auto and Photoperiod strains?

Similar to the WW regular and feminized strains, the White Widow automatic develops white trichomes. She has a wide size and the leaves are mostly dark green. 

Conversely, the White Widow autoflower has a more compact size and the indoor flowering time is faster than her photoperiod counterparts.  

Can these beans get cultivated both indoors and outdoors?

Absolutely! Any cannabis seeds described on our website can do well both indoors or outdoors. However, we can’t insist enough that you will need to order the seeds well in advance way before the onset of the spring season. 

Are these seeds feminized?

There is a critical reason why the term White Widow autoflower is used. Put simply; this is an auto-flowering feminized bean to mean that in a single packet of these seeds, you will expect feminized ganja plants only.