Popcorn Bud

Popcorn Bud

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Growing cannabis comes with many trials and tribulations, one of which is popcorn buds. These are flowers on the cannabis plant which never really fully develop, and a lot of them can mean a dramatically reduced yield. Keep reading to find out some tips on how to avoid these little menaces so as to keep the quality and yield of your crop strong:

Popcorn buds can be a big problem for growers in that they are pretty small and not very dense. They are usually found at the bottom of cannabis plants and are typically the product of shoddy growing conditions. Worry not though, as there are lots of things that you can do to avoid them ever growing in your garden.

Fully developed buds

These little buddies are not only small but are actually a lot less concentrated than fully developed buds, meaning they aren’t as potent and definitely don’t sell as well – and so, of course, as a commercial grower it is important that you don’t grow them.

However, popcorn buds aren’t all bad. In fact, there is actually a silver lining for consumers because lots of growers will sell their popcorn buds at a discounted rate. Buying popcorn bud, then, is actually a fantastic way to try a new strain of weed that you may not otherwise have been able to afford.

Producing popcorn buds

Popcorn buds are caused primarily by stress and, in lots of cases, excessive heat is the most prominent stressor. This is why outdoor grows, whereby the grower doesn’t have much control over the temperature, are much more susceptible to heat exposure and, as a result, stress. Outdoor growers, then, need to get a little creative, perhaps by placing a screen or something like it in order to give your grow some shade from the sun. Overcrowding is another culprit for producing popcorn buds, and so if you think this may be your problem try trimming back you plants a little.


The best measures to eradicate popcorn buds are, of course, preventative ones, which means taking care of your plants well enough so that they don’t suffer in the first place. as well as this, you should be shaping your crop on occasion, otherwise called pruning. One style of this, termed lolli-popping, involves removing all of the lower infant bud sites from your plant in its early stages of flowering – this will ensure your top buds are dense upon harvest.

Hopefully this small guide has given you enough information to get started in combatting your popcorn bud problem if you have one. Good luck!

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