What is a ceramic donut atomizer? Pros and cons

What is a ceramic donut atomizer? Pros and cons

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In the recent past, there has been a boom of ceramic donut atomizers/coils on the market. Although the use of coils is not a new concept, the gradual decriminalization of cannabis and its derivatives have played a vital role in the sudden increase in demand. Besides, intertwining ceramic materials to coils is the highest level of sophistication in vaping.

What is a ceramic donut atomizer?

Ceramic donut atomizer refers to special coils used in vaping equipment such as vape pens. The ceramic material is mainly used in the atomizer of the vaping equipment for two main reasons. First, ceramic is used to increase the time taken during vaping. Second, since ceramic is a poor heat conductor, it prevents oxidation of the metal used in vaping. Besides, it retains heat for a long time, making it a good energy saver. 

How do ceramic donut atomizers work? 

The concept of ceramic donut coils is complex yet easy to follow. Ceramic donut coils are used to vaporize wax while minimizing wastage. The high temperatures in donut coils might be too extreme for most materials, hence the use of ceramic.

Igniting the coil causes the temperatures to go high. The wax concentrate, on the other hand, stays still at the bottom of the atomizer, vaporizing at a slow rate until it completely disintegrates. 

6 Pros of ceramic donut atomizers

From numerous user experiences, ceramic donut coils are the new thing in vaping. These donut coils boast performed excellently in the following ways:

  1. They do not waste wax

One of the main causes of wastage of wax in atomizers is the accumulation of residue at the bottom. Atomizers with a bent coil might accumulate a lot of residues, leading to wastage.

On the other hand, the design of ceramic donut atomizers ensures that all the wax in the atomizer gets used completely. If some waxy residue remains in the atomizer, it can be scraped off with ease.

  1. They produce an amazing flavor

Ceramic donuts produce a potent flavor than other materials used in atomizers. The flavor is attributed to the high temperatures that the material can withstand. Some people argue that quartz withstands a higher temperature than ceramic, yet it does not produce the natural wax flavor.

When temperatures in the atomizers go too high, flavonoids in the wax burn down to produce a burnt flavor. Since heat reaching the ceramic material is regulated, the flavor of the vapor remains unmatched. Lack of burnt residue from a previous session also minimizes the burnt flavor from the vapor. 

  1. Cleaning them is easy

The design of ceramic donut atomizers makes cleaning easy. During the cleaning of the atomizer, wiping of the chambers 

  1. They produce few spit-backs

Ceramic atomizers contain minute pores and therefore prevent e-liquids that are used in vape pens from leaking as a result-the; the spit-back rate in ceramic donut atomizers is very minimal.

  1. They can support a highly viscous e-liquid.

Another notable feature in ceramic atomizer is that is can support highly viscous vaping e-liquids easily. Unlike wicking coils that might leak the e-liquid, ceramic atomizers allow highly viscous e-liquids to remain in the atomizer. 

  1. They are long-lasting

Ceramic is used to make several products due to its sturdy nature. It can withstand extreme temperatures when the coil is ignited

3 Cons of ceramic donut coils

Some of the complaints raised against ceramic donut coils include the following:

  • Possible health risks

Health experts argue that ceramic atomizers pose several health risks. The main risk health risk of the atomizers is directly linked to the vapor from the e-liquid and wax. 

  • Consume e-liquids at a high rate

Despite the ease of cleaning and temperature adherence, we cannot overlook the fact that ceramic atomizers use more e-liquid than standard coils. However, high e-liquid consumption is justifiable since it performs better than ordinary atomizers.

  • They are rare

Regardless of their world-class performance, ceramic donut coils are still rare in the market. Another worrying trend for the owners is getting the spare parts for the coil.

Frequently asked questions on ceramic donut coils and vape pens 

The following questions have come up regarding the ceramic donut coils and vape pens:

How long do ceramic oils last?

There is no standard length that a ceramic coil should last since these are dependent on the intensity of use. However, if an ordinary coil is used at the same intensity with ceramic coil, the latter would last longer.

What might be the possible cause of burnt taste in my ceramic donut vape?

Several factors cause the burnt taste in the vapor. First, if the wick used in the atomizer is dry, heating it might cause the vapor to have a burnt flavor. Second, using a wick that is not saturated with the vaping e-liquid causes charring, resulting to the burnt taste. 

Why does my ceramic donut vape pen produce a crackling sound?

The crackling sound in donut vape pens is a common and ordinary phenomenon. It occurs when the vaping wax is melting or when the e-juice is evaporating. A ceramic donut vape pen that produces this sound is normal, and therefore there should not be cause for alarm.

What might be the possible cause of juice in my mouth?

Incidences of vape juice getting into the mouth have been reported. This incidence occurs when a person uses vapor that does not turn into vapor completely. The high e-liquid levels in the coil cause some to leak into the mouth. Getting a few drops of the leaked e-liquid in the mouth is not harmful. However, large amounts of vape juice might cause some side effects.

Can ceramic vape pens be used on salt nic?

Ceramic vape pens are used on salt nic to make them smoother. Therefore, ceramic vape pens are preferable to the ordinary ones in the market. 

Overall take on ceramic donut coils

Ceramic donut coils have distinguished themselves as shot-stoppers in the market. The ability to withstand high temperatures while still giving amazing flavor is outstanding. However, we cannot overlook the fact that the coils could have possible health risks to users. It is, therefore, advisable to limit the number of puffs in a day as a precautionary measure. 

Have you ever tried a ceramic donut coil? Do you like it or dislike it? Let us know in the comments below.

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