How To Make Weed Weigh More (by making buds denser)

How To Make Weed Weigh More (by making buds denser)

Cannabis weight
Cannabis weight
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It is the wish of every cannabis grower to tend and have a yield that weighs more because the weightier the weed, the more the money for a seller.

However, it is not always an easy exercise to produce dense and weighty weed. Farmers face many challenges in having good harvests. 

Nonetheless, you are not left without choice entirely. In this article, I will talk about a few practical ways you can make your weed weigh more whether it is immediately after harvest or after it is dry, a time you may want to sell it.

Before we look at the various ways you can make your weed weigh more, let’s first look at the possible reasons why you weed is lighter.

Why Does My Weed Have Light and Airy Buds?

There could be five reasons why your weeds’ buds look airy. In this state, you will harvest weed that is light thus may not find a good market.

Here are five reasons very quickly:

Low/High Temperatures

Like any other plant, cannabis plants need the right temperature. If something tampers with the weather, whether by lowering or increasing it to unbearable degrees, the repercussions will be detrimental.

The optimum temperature level is 30 degrees Celsius. It’s is particularly important during the plants’ flowering period.


The second reason why you might harvest light weed is lack of sufficient light. This condition usually affects farmers who cultivate their weed indoors, where it is hard to regulate the amount of lighting.

There is general information that weed can survive many days without sufficient light. That is true. However, without enough light, your crops will not form dense buds or no buds at all.

If you introduce more light, especially during the plants’ flowering stage, you will get dense buds; hence your weed will weigh more during harvest.


The types of nutrients you feed your weed also matter a lot. Like any other crop, you need to provide your weed with manure or fertilizer in its ideal ration. With that in mind, it is essential to know that during the flowering period, which is a crucial stage in the formation of dense buds, you need to reduce the amount of nitrogen (N) you feed your weed.

Instead, increase the Phosphorous and Potassium portions.

The unbalanced nutrient level also affects the plants’ soil pH level.

Type of Strain/Genetics

Some types of strains are so hard to cultivate. No matter what you do on your plantation, you will always harvest lighter weed. You may want to strain to better the weight, but all will be futile.

Studies indicate that most Sativa-dominant strains are bound to produce lighter and airy buds. Indica-dominant strains, on the other hand, tend to grow dense buds, which later translate to your weed weighing more.

Airflow and Budding Space

Finally, insufficient airflow may lead to less dense buds. If you grow so many cannabis trees in a small place, the buds will not get enough space to breathe during their flowering period. To end this mess, you need to do proper spacing among your weed plants.

We have talked a lot about problems. Now, let us talk about solutions.

This section delves into what you can do to ensure your weed develop dense buds during their flowering period. Besides, we will also discuss what you can do to increase weed weight shortly before harvest and immediately after harvest when you are about to sell your weed.

Weighing cannabis buds

Proven Tactics To Increase Bud Formation & Density Before Harvest

Assuming you have seen the causes of lighter buds and that you will do something to fix the mess, let us shift our focus to see the seven proven tactics that help farmers to grow dense buds. The reasons described below show why your weed can weigh too much. 

  1. Reduce Humidity To Below 45 Percent

Cannabis humidity of buds

A critical aspect of bud formation, especially three weeks before harvest is to reduce humidity to around 45%. With this reduction of moisture, your plants increase their production of resin, which catalyzes bud formation.

  1. Apply Supplements

If you are a cannabis farmer especially a farmer cum seller, then you have probably heard of bloom boosters. During this essential period, you might want to focus on applying the second phase of bloom boosters – whose aim is to increase Potassium/Phosphorous levels rather than the first-phase whose objective is to enhance the plants’ growing process.

If you don’t have the second-phase bloom boosters, then you can opt for Blackstrap molasses, which incidentally does the same job.

  1. Water Your Plants But Do not Overdo It

“Water is life,” so they say. Make sure your plants have enough water. Without the right amount of water in the soil, no matter how hard you try to do the rest, your weed will not form buds, leave alone germinate or produce branches, leaves and flowers.

However, if you put a lot of water to your crops, the roots will soon begin to decay, and the plants will collapse. The lesson is watering your plants just right.

  1. Take Time Before You Harvest

Harvesting too early deprives the plants’ time of forming dense buds. If you wait a little longer before you harvest, you will give your plants time to complete their growing cycle, which involves proper bud formation.

You may not believe this, but it is essential if you hear it.

“Weed gains a lot of weight as well as density during the latter days of their growing cycle. If you rush to harvest, you will hinder this important process hence ruining your hard work,” – Wycliffe Bruno

  1. Dry, Cure Your Weed Buds

Curing cannabis buds in jars

Drying and treating your buds has many advantages. First, you will improve the smell and taste of your weed. Secondly, you will increase your marijuana’s potency, something that will make your clients crave for your weed even more.

Fourth, when you dry and treat your buds like a pro, they will tighten up. 

Experts warn that if you don’t take precautionary measures such as curing and drying your weed correctly, you’ll probably lose 50% of the total weight.

  1. Prune Before 12/12

Pruning your weed a few weeks before they flower is one of the sure techniques to improve weight in the buds. This method works because virtually, proper pruning ensures you don’t have any leave left below those you deem necessary.

To illustrate, if a plant is 100 cm, you remove 60 cm of leaves below those that flower. That way, you will remain with 40 cm of leaves that will gain and utilize all the plant’s nutrients to form dense buds. 

Some of the benefits associated with employing proper pruning techniques include:

  • All the plants’ energy goes to the upper part that now forms the dense buds
  • No lower undeveloped buds
  • Dramatic airflow improvement at the base thus good airflow to all plants
  1. Get A Bigger Container

Get it right. A big container will do you good. It will be able to hold big buds. Small containers only hold smaller buds. You don’t want tiny buds! 

When you are out shopping for pots, go for ‘Smart pots’ or ‘Air pots’. These two types are not only bigger but can enhance faster weed growth. 

One of the reasons why a ‘Smart pot’ is ideal is its material. Smart pots are made from fabric, which has holes. As you know, the more airy the pot is the better airflow at the root of the weed plant. 

An air pot is also a good alternative. Although made of plastic, it has holes created on its sides that too allow for sufficient airflow to the plants.

Weighing sack of weed

What your seller may have added to your weed to make it weigh more

In essence, weed will always weigh more even when it gets to the cannabis dispensary, provided the above-mentioned reasons as to why weed can weigh more during the growing season. 

Nonetheless, there are some unscrupulous sellers who deal in grit weed, also called contaminated cannabis. In fact, this happens more in states where cannabis is criminalized or banned altogether. So, some sellers wish to make a kill by adding tiny glass materials, silicone, sand, or even sugar to weigh even more. As much as there are genuine sellers with hefty weed buds, others use contaminants to make theirs weigh more; thus implying more profits. 

Final Thoughts

Challenging as it may be, you can crack it. More than any other time, you are convinced your weed is not going to weigh lighter anymore. Yes, you can make that a reality by putting the proven tactics discussed herein into practice. Only then, will your weed weigh more.

If growing pot is legal in your country, buy quality marijuana seeds from us and you will be sure to have your massive weighty weeds. 

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