Why to your Clean Grow room

Why to your Clean Grow room

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As any avid grower knows, cultivating cannabis can be tricky seeing as there are so many different aspects of the process to consider. However, many growers often overlook one simple thing – cleanliness. Keeping your grow room clean is incredibly important and the following article is here to tell you all about why this is:

Why cleanliness the most important part

It should really go without saying that you should have a clean environment in which to grow your weed, though most people don’t actually know why this is such a big factor. Grow room conditions genuinely do make or break your final product, considering the fact that a dirty room can attract all kinds of nasty pests – and nobody wants that.

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Another thing to consider is that keeping your grow room dirt-free can actually save you a lot of hassle in the long run as letting dust settle ensures quite a bit of extra work for when you do eventually get around to cleaning the place up. In fact, if you allow dirt to accumulate for too long you may be faced with rotting floorboards and the like, which can rack up a pretty hefty bill.

Dead plant matter

When you’re cleaning your grow room you should always make sure to search for dead plant matter, even if it’s still on the plant – remove it. This is because the dead matter will be decomposing which can sometimes attract bugs.

dead marijuana plant

Such as spider mites, that are bad news for your plants. Also, on the topic of dead things, don’t keep any pieces of dead plant in your grow room. You should always throw it away as soon as you remove it.

Your Water Supply

Something else you can do to maintain your grow properly is keep your water supply clean. This can be a bit of a task – cleaning pipes and water tanks is no small feat – but it’s definitely worth it to give your cannabis the clean water it needs to flourish.

Air and ventilation

Like all living things, your plants need to breathe – and they need to breathe fresh, clean air. One of the best ways to make sure your plants are getting the air they need is to buy some intake filters. These babies aid in, of course, filtering the air in your room and, in doing so, prevent pests.

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