What is Cannabis concentrate Terp Sauce and how to make it in 6 steps?

What is Cannabis concentrate Terp Sauce and how to make it in 6 steps?

cannabis concentrate terp sauce
cannabis concentrate terp sauce
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Terp sauce is the youngest descendant of the cannabis concentrates. It is characterized by a high concentration and perfect composition of terpenes and cannabinoids. Many concentrate enthusiasts say that terp sauce offers a superior high. Is that true? Read on and discover everything about the cannabis concentrate Terp Sauce.

Cannabis concentrate Terp Sauce turns world of concentrates upside down

A lot has happened in the area of ​​marijuana concentrates in the last few years. Dozens of different concentrates compete for the tastiest high and the best effect. One by one they try to take the top position of the BHO extracts. But nobody has been able to overthrow shatter, budder and wax. Until now. Because Terp Sauce completely turns the world of cannabis concentrates on its head.

It is a full spectrum extract

Terp sauce

Terp sauce ensures that all molecules within the trichomes of the cannabis plant are preserved. This provides an extract that contains a full spectrum of terpenes and cannabinoids. Terp Sauce is therefore a so-called “high terpenes full spectrum extract”, or HTFSE for short. So it is not just the next concentrate, but it is a real progress.

What does Terp Sauce look like?

Real Terp Sauce looks most like a thick syrup. Compare it with apple syrup. If you look closely, you will see that there are small grains in it, a kind of crystals, also called “diamonds’. That is the THCA. The rest of the substance is a thick, viscous, sticky fluid that is full of terpenes. If you think you can manufacture this high-quality cannabis concentrate yourself, you can forget it. It all starts with buds of the highest quality. But you also need expensive, specialist equipment and you will need a small chemical laboratory. Besides you have to master the entire process of purification and processing and be able to work safely and efficiently. 

What makes it so unique?

The secret of Terp Sauce is partly due to the entourage effect. This ensures that more effective ingredients are retained. The entire spectrum provides a unique flavor profile and a soft structure. With Terp Sauce you can count on a minimum of 50% THC. And the terpene content is at least 13%. The difference with Live Resin is that Terp Sauce is much more intense and powerful. The THC content of live resin (the trend of recent years) is lower. In addition, the process of making Live Resin sometimes causes an unpleasant aftertaste.

Check this article to learn 3 methods to make live resin.

The fact that Terp Sauce is not consistent is certainly an issue. A lot of the concentrates that are offered for sale do not have consistent quality. Moreover, under the influence of high temperature, older concentrates quickly resemble Terp Sauce. In warm weather they become more oil-like such as terp sauce. So watch out what you buy. Some dealers want to lift on the popularity and make concentrates of lesser quality appear as a high-quality terp sauce. Too bad, because real terp sauce is very tasteful for dabbing, vaping or smoking. The full spectrum, rich in terpenes and cannabinoids, provides an unprecedented experience. So enjoy, but only if you get your hands on the real thing. 

How to make a Terp Sauce

As a connoisseur, you shouldn’t wade notes of cash away in the quest to buy cannabis concentrate terp sauce. With this DIY procedure, this process is what you need to get going and have your readymade terp sauce from home.


  • Parchment paper
  • Rosin press
  • Heating mat
  • Rosin filter bags.


  1. Start off by preparing your piece of rosin, since the waxy feel is what you need to get going. You may use rosin pressed from cannabis flowers or bubble hash. If you decide to use the rosin from pressing cannabis flowers, ensure that you stir the rosin using the heating mat. However, the temperatures shouldn’t exceed 50°C.

Notably, you will lose some of the terpenes, and you have no control over it. So, don’t crack your mind trying to salvage that. The rosin’s consistency, if the heat gets maintained at 50 degrees Celsius, will be buttery and the best.

  1. Prepare the rosin for separation by packing your rosin in a rosin bag. Anywhere between 25 and 35 microns is fine. Wrap the very bag in a parchment paper, provided one end of the package is open.
  2. Set the rosin press up to 55 Degree Celsius. Let the wrapped rosin’s open-end face you. Ensure that you lower the press down in such a way that it makes contact with the end’s package. Wait for a minute for the plate to get heated in such a way that the resin will get warm. Gently close the plates at this point and have the terpene-rich rosin oozing out.
  3. Open the plates, contents, and the package in such a way that the pressed concentrate sticks to the parchment paper. Remove the parchment paper and wrap the rosin bag in another sheet. Repress the package at higher temperatures, preferably 80 degrees Celsius.

Once more, remove the parchment paper and open the rosin bag. Here, you will find a yellow-white concentrate, which in this case, is the THCA.

  1. Place the THCA on another sheet of parchment paper and heat it using the plates, provided you don’t add any more pressure. The obtained substance will turn aqueous at 120 degrees Celsius. Let it cool and break it into crystals.
  2. Heat up the terpene-rich substance that you heated in the first step. After becoming viscous enough, add it to the THCA crystals obtained in step 5. Enjoy yourself taking your terp sauce.

Terp Sauce vs. Live Resin

what is live resin?

There are more similarities than differences when it comes to terp sauce vs. live resin. Most of those who make their terp sauce at home use the live resin to preserve the flavor and scent of a particular strain.

The difference typically lies in the extraction process. While live resin doesn’t require curing and separation, terp sauce has to get subjected to these post-extraction processes to realize your made-at-home goodie.

Also, the flavor and aroma in a terp sauce is more stood out than in a live resin. Learn more about live resin here

Frequently Asked Questions

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Does HTSFSE get you high

Yes, HTFSE will definitely get you high. Depending on the strain you use to make your extract from, the high varies. On average, the THC levels in High Terpene Full Spectrum Extracts is 20%, and as you perhaps know, those amounts will undoubtedly cause a psychedelic high. As with all other concentrates, you will need to know your limits before taking an HTFSE.

What is CBD terp sauce?

CBD terp sauce is a Cannabidiol isolate sauce containing high amounts of terpenes. Unlike THC terp sauce that gets the user high, CBD terp sauce is perfect for those who wish to explore the different terpene flavors without any worry about getting body stoned.

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