Super skunk Cannabis Seeds

This strain is truly second to none and was designed especially for those who have a taste for Skunk weed. Perfect for beginners, or growers who are more advanced – our Super Skunk seeds have something for everyone. It’s a real functional indica at its very best, meaning you’ll receive the relaxation from smoking this one with none of the sluggishness. Keep reading if you want to know more!

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An award-winning strain

Super skunk Cannabis Seeds is renowned all over for its lovely, soothing effects – and has actually won the Indica Cannabis Cup. This strain has powerful genetics too as it was made by crossing Skunk with an Afghan hybrid, creating a beautifully blended product. You’ll feel happy when you smoke Super Skunk, and what more could you really want?

An amazing taste: Earthy, with hints of sweetness

This variety tastes and smells gorgeous, and its super pungent too! Perhaps not so good for those who’d like to keep their cannabis use on the downlow – but fantastic for the rest of us! The smell of Super Skunk is one that is totally unforgettable: it is earthy, yet sweet, and goes down incredibly smoothly.

Skunk weed varieties are becoming increasingly popular nowadays with growers, and its likely because of the demand for it. Lots of beginner growers try this one when they are first starting out, and it’s a wise choice usually – Super Skunk is surprisingly simple to cultivate, and its yields are amazingly generous.

Is this strain suitable for indoors or outdoor?

Super Skunk is mega resilient, meaning you can grow these seeds pretty much wherever you want. It is a wonderful strain to grow because it is so strong and resistant to most pests, meaning you won’t have to fork over money for nasty pesticides that would decrease the quality of your grow as well. This strain boasts a yield of nearly 500 grams per meter squared when grown inside, and around double that if you have some outdoor space to harvest – that’ over 800 grams of the good stuff! Super Skunk has a quick flowering time too and can be harvested in about 8 weeks if you care for your plants properly.

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