Which weed seeds to buy online?

Which weed seeds to buy online?

which weed seeds to buy online?
which weed seeds to buy online?
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The quality of weed seeds that are offered for sale is variable. Some seeds have poor genetic characteristics and will give a disappointing result. Sometimes they do not germinate or will not produce the healthy plants and big harvest you were hoping for. Read on and find out which weed seeds to buy online.

Feminized, autoflowering or regular? Which weed seeds to buy online? 

Especially when you buy weed seeds for the first time, you have to ask yourself which weed seeds to buy online. And you shouldn’t be too easy on the answer. Before your get to the actual buying it is a good idea to take a step back and broaden your view. What kind of seed strains are there for sale? What is the right strain for your personal growing environment – feminized, autoflowering, regular? And how do you recognize quality? In this article we provide answers to all these questions and more. Therefore, read everything carefully before you buy your seeds online. Buying the right seeds is a first step to a successful growth period.

Buying the right weed seeds is a first step to a successful grow

weed seeds

We cannot emphasize it enough: the seed is a very important – if not the most important – part of the entire growth process. The genetics in the seed determine what your plant will look like and whether it has a healthy and strong system. Of course you will have to take care of your plant and create the ideal growing conditions to keep it healthy and strong and to achieve a large yield.

 But it all starts with that one little seed and with the genetics that it contains. If the seed is not right and genetics are poor, you will encounter all kinds of problems during the growth. It is possible that the plant is not developing well, and that it is smaller and less strong than you expected. You can still have such a green thumb and be such a talented botanist. If you start with bad seed, you will never grow a healthy plant. In any case, you would have had a stronger plant if you had started with high-quality seed. So suppose you score a good offer and get a good price deal on weed seeds, ask yourself this: I’m I dealing with a trusted seed seller who’s known to sell high quality seeds? 

Buy weed seeds online with good genetics

At a bargain there is a good chance that you will be happy with your cheap seeds in advance, before you start your grow. But afterwards, if the harvest is disappointing, you will not be so happy. You’ll  scratch yourself on the head, wondering why you didn’t choose more quality in the first place. So always invest in good seed of the highest quality. That investment pays off. You will spend less time and money on all sorts of growth problems, and your harvest will be considerably better.

If you search for weed seeds online, you will come across many different online seed banks. The range can be quite overwhelming, especially if you are just starting to grow. Read on, because in this article we discuss the most common weed strains with which your harvest is guaranteed to be a success. But first we will discuss the categories in which most cannabis strains are classified. For example, do you know what an autoflowering strain is? And do you know the advantage of feminized seeds over regular seeds? We’ll explain all of it so that you know which weed seeds to buy online.

Feminized weed seeds

What exactly are feminized weed seeds? What are the advantages and disadvantages compared to other cannabis strains. We all reveal it, and furthermore we tell which feminized weed seeds to buy online.

What are feminized weed seeds and feminized weed plants? 

feminized weed plant

There are a lot of advantages to think about why you as a grower should grow from feminized seeds. In the first place you save time and space. After all, you don’t have to sacrifice space for male plants, which also grow from regular seeds. This makes the whole grow process a lot clearer.

If you are a hobby grower, feminized weed seeds are the best for you. Why? Because you probably have limited space at your disposal. With a small garden you want to get the most out of your growth.

It takes a while before you know whether a plant is male or female. With regular seeds you as a grower lose time and money, certainly beyond the vegetative stage. From that moment it is usually clear what kind of gender you are dealing with, and only then can you remove the male plants. All plants must be checked separately to determine what kind of sex it is and if it is male then the plant must be removed before pollinating the female plants.

This entire process of waiting, investing and selecting the male plants does not apply if you only grow female plants through feminised seeds.

Which feminized weed seeds to buy online

Feminized cannabis seeds are, as the name suggests, genetically modified so they only produce female cannabis plants. The X chromosomes and the Y chromosomes of a plant determine whether an offspring becomes male or female. The chance of that is fifty-fifty. But if a weed plant has two X chromosomes, the chance is almost 100% that it will become a female plant. Why is that important? A female marijuana plant is full of active substances such as CBD, THC and CBN. A male cannabis plant contains much less of these active ingredients.

What are feminized cannabis seeds?

The quality of cannabis seeds for sale is quite variable. Some seeds have poor genetic characteristics and will give a disappointing result. Sometimes they do not germinate or will not produce the healthy plants and big harvesst you were hoping for.

If you are going to buy feminized cannabis seeds, you want the very best quality. You can still have such a green thumb, but if the seed is of poor quality, you will not be able to catch up. Along the way you run into all kinds of problems throughout the entire growth process.

At Amsterdam Marijuana Seedbank you know that you buy the best of the best. We ship your seeds directly from Amsterdam. Fast and discrete. We test our seeds before they go on sale. Our continuous quality control ensures that the cannabis seeds are consistent and stable. The genetic quality of these seeds is unprecedented. Cannabis growers all around the globe appreciate the high quality genetics.

Popular feminized cannabis strains

feminized cannabis plant

Below you will find three of our most popular feminized cannabis strains that customers from all over the world keep coming back for.

420 Carat Feminized

420 Carat Feminized is a type of weed that is gold in terms of high yields and powerful effects. This plant produces large flower tops that give a stoned effect when you smoke them. It is a beautiful plant that you can easily grow as a novice gardener. 

Afghan Feminized

Afghan Feminized seeds are known throughout the world. Who has not smoked Afghan hashish in his life? Afghan is currently used as a parent strain for many very popular varieties in the world such as White Widow and the world famous Kush strains. Afghan seeds grow into very strong plants.

AMS XTRM Feminized

With Haze as parent train, AMS XTRM Feminized is a strain that offers amazing quality. This strain is stable and in terms of grow qualities and effects. The flavors of AMS XTRM are sensational. If you cultivate this topshelf strain yourself, you will be treated to buds that are covered with a delicious, sticky layer of resin

Whatever strain you choose, a feminized cannabis strain will not let you down. Buy seeds of high quality with good genetics. Because if the basis is good, then you will enjoy it throughout the entire growth cycle. Happy growing!

Autoflowering weed seeds

If you decide to grow weed, you come across a bunch of different terms. and strains. Online seed banks offer an overwhelming choice, so which weed seeds to buy online? Let’s take a closer look at a category that you often encounter: autoflowering weed. Why would you choose this category as a grower? Read on and find out.

What does autoflowering weed mean?

autoflowering weed

The idea behind autoflowering strains is simple. After a certain period of time, they will automatically switch to the flower phase. They are not waiting for a change in light cycle. They wait for nothing and nobody. In their DNA it is decided that they will start flowering after a (vegetative) period of between 2 and 4 weeks.

The origin of Autoflowering strains lies with the Ruderalis species. Breeders have crossed the genetics of this strain with sativas and indicas. The result is a species that stays small and grows and blooms in its own way and determines how and when.

Read on and find out why to consider autoflowering strains for both indoor and outdoor gardening

What are the pros and cons of autoflowering cannabis seeds?

With autoflowering seed you know where you stand. They produce buds, regardless of the amount of light they receive per day. These strains can easily receive more than 14 hours of light per day. They are able to produce large buds much faster than regular plants. In terms of quality and powerful effects, autoflowering strains have made great strides in recent years. They were once considered less good than regular plants. But that time is behind us.

Because autoflowering strains are so incredibly fast, from start to harvest, you can get several harvests a year. As indicated, another advantage is that autoflowering plants remain small and bushy. For growers who grow discreetly, or growers with limited space, autoflowers are therefore ideal plants.

Go check out the vid below. It contains autoflower grow techniques and loads of other useful tips and tricks for beginning growers.

Which autoflowering weed seeds to buy online

The genetics of autoflowering strains have improved enormously in recent decades. There are many autoflowering strains for sale online nowadays, so you can choose the strain that best suits your needs. Moreover, since the first autoflowering strains came on the market, the quality and the potency have become many times better. This makes these strains a good choice for both the novice and the experience grower.

At AMSbank you’ll find a wide collection of high quality weed seeds for sale, like autoflowering seeds, medical seeds, feminized seeds and regular seeds. All these seeds are well organized. Just browse the collection and find the weed strain of your desires within a click. 

Other benefits of Amsterdam Marijuana Seedbank are:

  • Hand-selected cannabis strains and high quality genetics
  • Great customer service and after care
  • Rapid shipment, stealthy packaging, guaranteed delivery
  • Accepts a lot of different payment methods, including Bitcoin

Whatever weed strain you choose, a feminized strain or autoflowering strain will not let you down. Be sure to buy weed seeds of high quality which contain good genetics. Happy growing!

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