Curing cannabis buds for the best taste

Curing cannabis buds for the best taste

curing cannabis buds
curing cannabis buds
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Harvest period is a fantastic time for every cannabis grower. This is the moment you have been longing for. You spent hours and hours of sowing and caring your precious plants. And now the ultimate moment has arrived. But what do you do after you have harvested your flower tops? Read everything about drying and curing cannabis buds. 

How does curing cannabis buds work?

drying and curing cannabis

You must have heard of the term “curing”. But what does it mean exactly? Curing is actually the process after harvest, but you can also take a number of precautions before harvest. Only harvesting the tops is not enough. For the optimum result, you will need to treat your cannabis buds in a certain way so that they dry and cure properly. So read on and discover everything about curing cannabis buds.

Simply cutting off the full-grown cannabis buds is not enough. So what then? For good quality weed tops that smoke smoothly and are full of flavor, you must follow a curing procedure after harvesting. It also depends on what your goal is. The post-harvest curing process has a major impact on what your buds will look like and how they taste and smoke. You should therefore not underestimate this process that starts form the moment you harvest your buds.

Prior to drying cannabis buds

Before you begin the treatment process, you must take a number of precautionary measures. Determine which is the most convenient place for your situation to lay down (or hang up) your cannabis buds for curing and drying. This can be a small room or a closet, but you can also use a shoe box or paper bags. Suppose you put your buds in a cardboard box or paper bag, then you will have to remove the leaves, otherwise little space is left. That way they can dry out evenly. The advantage of a cupboard or small room is that there is often a bit of air circulation and that is good. With the curing process it is important that you regularly check for mold formation. If you discover mold, you must immediately remove the parts of the plant with the mold, otherwise your entire crop can be contaminated.

Curing cannabis spreads a strong smell

drying cannabis

In the first phase of the curing process, the flower tops spread a strong, pungent smell. Suppose you have a drying room with an open window, remember you will we be able to smell this odor everywhere around the house and that neighbors will certainly notice it. A good way to mask the striking smell is with a cleaning solutions which disperses strong air itself. For example, you can thoroughly clean the rest of the house with an abundant detergent so that the strong smell of it can drown out the weed smell. The weed air will linger for a few days and then disappear.

Curing cannabis buds in paper bags

An easy way to let your cannabis buds dry and cure is by putting them in a paper bag. Make sure there is enough room for air and that the tops are not crammed too closely together. Always avoid sunlight. Place the bags in a dry, dark place. In the meantime, look for pots in which you can continue the drying process. If the branches of the plants break off easily, you can remove the tops of the plant and put them in the pots. Fill the jar to just above half full, and loosely put the lid on so enough air can still get through. It is important to check every day if there is no mold on the buds. 

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