Ways to use weed

Ways to use weed

ways to use weed
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Most weed lovers still consume the buds by smoking them in a blunt or joint. But there are many more ways in which you can use cannabis. One of the relatively new methods is vaping. But cooking with cannabis is also becoming more and more popular. And not just edibles such as space cake and cannabis brownies, but true culinary delights. In this article we will discuss a number of consumption methods and ways to use weed.

There are many new ways to use weed

There are many different ways to use marijuana. And new ways pop up regularly. What works best is different for everyone. It is nice to occasionally change the way you use cannabis and expiriment a bit. All these variations in consumption methods have disadvantages and advantages. So read on and find out everything about it.

Changing the way you use cannabis

The way you consume weed influences the whole experience in terms of psychoactive effects. Just think about it for a moment. And compare vaping to smoking to eating to using a bong. These are all different ways to use the same herb. The outcome of every method is different, but not only in strength. The way you take cannabis also influences the duration of the effect. The effect of an edible for instance kicks in late, but also lasts a long time. In addition to the intensity of the effect, the way you use also influences something like discretion. For example, vaping weed can be done in many more places than smoking marijuana. After all, there is less smell and you are less of a burden to other people. Read on and check which way of using pot best meets your needs.

Vaporizing weed

vaporizing weed

Vaping is different from smoking because with vaping you heat the weed to a vapor that you inhale. When you smoke, the plant material burns and therefore you inhale all kinds of harmful substances. Smoking is less pure. By vaping you use a lower temperature so that the cannabinoids are better preserved and the aroma and taste remain more authentic. Another advantage is that you need less herb for the same effect. In addition, vaping is also a very speedy way of using pot. Preparing a vaporizer or vape pen for use is much easier and faster than rolling a blunt or filling a pipe or bowl. Vapes are usually also very compact in size and therefore you can easily take them everywhere. Have you never vaped weed? It is really worth giving it a try if you are used to smoking. And if you don’t like it, just keep on rolling those good old doobies!

Weed tinctures

Another way to use weed is in the form of a tincture. Have you ever tried that? Tinctures are also becoming increasingly popular. They are liquids, usually alcohol-based, which contain a high concentration of THC and / or CBD. These cannabinoids are active in high concentrations. Most users drop a small dose of a tincture under the tongue. You can use a pipette for this. The advantage of this is that you can dose very precisely and you also notice the effect very quickly. You feelt the effect quickly and it lasts a long time, often up to 2 hours. In addition, tinctures are very discreet. They give off no odor or smoke and you can add them to numerous foods and beverages. 

Besides vaping and tinctures there are many more ways to use marijuana. What to think about cosmetics and care products infused with cannabis such as balms, cremes, lotions, foundations and foams? So if you don’t want to smoke cannabis, you can always take a bath with it!

Some methods of using marijuana are better than others and a lot depends on your personal taste. So just test what works best for yourself.

What is your favorite way to use weed?

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