Best way to make a marijuana sploof

Best way to make a marijuana sploof

Homemade sploof
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Do you want to smoke cannabis discreetly and prevent that odor from clinging to your clothes? Well, we have a solution for you, which is commonly referred to as a marijuana sploof. 

A sploof is a device that is used as a filter to get rid of cannabis scent. It looks like a tube and is filled with items that eliminate smoke.

After using a joint, you are required to exhale into a sploof.

It will ensure that all the smoke is filtered to stop the odor from filling your room and flowing to your neighbor’s house.

How does a sploof work?

The easiest way to understand how a sploof works is by observing a car muffler. A muffler dampens any sound produced by your car’s exhaust system. Your car’s sound wave passes through several layers of perforated material and is released as a mere whimper. 

Likewise, the skunky smell of your weed can be reduced and eradicated by passing smoke through a filter model. Some filter materials, for example, charcoal, remove the odor completely while other materials, for example, dryer sheets, are sprayed with an air freshener to mask the smell of weed. Below are the best ways to make a sploof. 

Making a sploof 

Several companies produce and sell a sploof. However, these sploofs are expensive and require regular replacement of the filter. We, therefore, recommend you to make a homemade sploof instead.

Making a homemade Sploof is cheap and easy. You only require items that are within your arms reach, for example:

  • A pair of scissors
  • Tape/ Rubberband
  • Dry sheets with a scent
  • Cardboard roll from a toilet paper

The first method: using the dryer sheet sploof

Sploof side view

In this first method of making a sploof, we’ll explore several steps that you need to follow one after another.

Step 1: Assemble all the necessary materials

The first step requires you to assemble all the materials required for the smoke filter. Most of the materials are within your vicinity, though you may require getting some from the store. 

The items include a plastic bottle, used toilet paper, and a toilet roll. You will also require some scented sheets, so get them ready too. 

Find something to bind the toilet paper roll or plastic bottle. It can be rubber bands, string, or tapes. Lastly, you will require a knife for the cutting process.

Step 2: Ensure that the tube is ready

This step is based on whether you selected a toilet paper roll or a plastic bottle.

If you settled on the bottle, cut off the top and leave a wide opening. Next, use scissors to slice holes at the bottom of the bottle.

However, if you have decided to use a toilet paper roll, remove any bits of toilet paper on the cardboard. Nonetheless, if you have selected a paper towel, then you have nothing to remove at this stage. 

Here is some side advice, a paper towel is most efficient to use because it is longer and bigger. It provides a larger surface to stuff dryer sheets.

Step 3: Pack tube with dryer

This is the most crucial step when making a sploof. You are required to staff one sheet of paper at a time in your dryer. Then pack the sheets loosely but efficiently so that there are no gaps left inside. 

The main reason why we use scented sheets is to ensure that the dryer sheets take out the terrible smell. However, if you are unable to access scented sheets, spray the unscented ones with an air freshener.  

Step 4: Add unscented dryer sheets 

Also, remember to leave some space for unscented sheets. The unscented sheets will protect your nose from the strong scent but remember to pack the sheets loosely so that the smoke can flow through them easily.   

Step 5: Cover the top of the sploof

This is the last step of making a sploof. You are required to add a scented dryer sheet and fold it in half, place it on the opening of the toilet paper roll or tube. Remember to also secure the sheet with a string or rubber band. 

The Sploof is now ready for use. Nonetheless, if you want to make it artistic, you can proceed to other steps. 

Step 6: Trim the top area

To give the sploof an appealing look, trim off the surplus dry sheet material with a pair of scissors. Remember to be careful while trimming to avoid cutting off more than is required.

Step 7: Customize your sploof 

If smoking marijuana increases your creativity, then use the opportunity to add some personal touch. You may decide to use a marker, paint, or fancy items that decorate your tube. You can now enjoy your puff and exhale the sploof

Woman smoking weed

The second method: using activated charcoal (the best method)

If you are looking to explore a different method of getting rid of weed smell, then you should consider making activated charcoal sploof.

The activated charcoal sploof is very efficient in filtering odor. This is because it is made up of active charcoal that is exceptionally penetrable.

Due to its high level of penetration, only a small amount of carbon is required to hold the cannabis molecules that produce a bad odor. The best stores to purchase activated carbon are pest stores since it is mostly used in aquariums.

Making activated charcoal sploof is more expensive than making a simple dryer sheet; nevertheless, it is more effective. 

 Below are the steps to follow when making activated charcoal sploof. 

Step 1: Assemble your supplies 

With the activated charcoal sploof, you are required to visit the hardware and purchase a PVC or ABS pipe. The pipe should only be 10 inches long, so don’t buy more pipe than you need.  

You can also ask the store attendant to get you anything that can serve as a lid at one end of the ABS pipe. It will also be great if you access threaded caps that can be screwed to the ends of the pipe.

Purchase some activated charcoal, rubber bands, unscented dryer paper, and other supplies that were used in making the dryer sheet sploof. Once you have assembled all the materials, you will only require 30 minutes to ensure that the sploof is intact. 

Step 2: Drill holes into the cap

Take one of the plastic caps obtained from the hardware and drill holes on it. Make sure that the holes are even, neither too small nor large. These holes serve as a way for smoke to come out. If you realize that the airflow isn’t adequate, consider enlarging the holes slightly. 

Step 3: Time to insert a dryer sheet

In this step, you will require an unscented dryer sheet. Fold it and place it at the end of the pipe; this will be the bottom side of your sploof.

Remember to do this before attaching the cap. Nonetheless, the dryer sheet is not obligatory, but it is an excellent idea to embrace because it prevents small charcoal particles from being disorderly.   

However, if your activated carbon is dusty, don’t insert the dryer sheet in the tube yet. As a substitute, screw the cap in the pipe and empty the activated charcoal. 

Also, run some water through the pipe to ensure that all the dust has been washed out. Allow the carbon to dry completely, then proceed to place a dryer sheet at the bottom of the pipe. 

You may consider using paper towels to speed up the drying process of the activated charcoal.  

Step 4: Positioning of the bottom cap

After you have placed the dryer sheet in the right place, you can now twist the cap on the bottom. Make sure that it is tight and doesn’t drop off accidentally. If it is loose, you can use tape to secure the bottom of the pipe.

Step 5: Put the activated carbon inside the pipe

Support the bottom of the pipe with a secured cap and pour all the activated carbon inside the pipe. Make sure you don’t fill it to the brim; if you do, it may accidentally spill useful material. Just fill it to the three- quarter level.

Step 6: Cover the activated carbon

You can cover this using one or two unscented dryer sheets. Fold the dryer sheets into pieces and fit them in the pipe that you have added carbon. Two to three layers will be enough to prevent your mouth from making contact with the activated carbon as you breathe out the sploof. Note that carbon will not harm your lips, but we need you to focus on the sploof. 

Step 7: Time to test your sploof

This is the stage that requires you to reward yourself for working hard. Take a deep puff and exhale on the sploof. As soon as you exhale, cover the sploof and let the carbon work magic.

Observe whether the sanitized smoke is flowing out at the right speed. If the smoke is flowing out at a very slow speed, then you should remove the cap and increase the size of the hole. This will control the pressure between the interior and exterior part of the sploof.  

Step 8: Time to pimp your sploof 

If you are satisfied with the above seven steps, then it is time to add the final touches. Start by personalizing the ABS or PVC pipe. You may choose to decorate the exterior in the best way possible. For instance, you can add some stickers or use a permanent marker to decorate. 

Does a sploof really work?

Yes, though a sploof cannot reduce the cannabis odor completely, it drastically reduces it. Manufactured spoofs reduce up to 99% of the odor. On the other hand, homemade sploofs may not be 100% effective, but they play a huge role in eliminating odor depending on the amount of work you are willing to put in.

The effectiveness of the homemade sploof also depends on the materials you use in making them. Some materials are more efficient than others; for instance, homemade sploofs can be made from materials such as PVC, laundry detergent, and toilet rolls. However, the best homemade versions are made from activated carbon.

Man blowing out smoke

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is a sploof?

A: It is a smoke filter that is used by people who want to smoke indoors without the smell clinging to their clothes or flowing to their neighbors.

Q: Is a dryer sheet sploof efficient 

A: Yes, it plays a major role in neutralizing the smell of weed. 

Q: How many dryer sheets are required to make a sploof? 

A: You only require 2 to 3 sheets to make an efficient Sploof.  

Q: Is it possible to make a sploof without dryer sheets?

A: Use a rolled paper towel with three layers of tape. Or you can also apply deodorant on toilet paper- some people say it is more efficient in dealing with the odor. 

Q: Why do I still see smoke? Is the spoof defective?

A: Look and see if there is a leakage. 

Start with the mouth area, check if it is covered entirely. Try to Press the mouthpiece, and put your whole mouth in it to ensure that all the gaps have been covered.

In addition, check the mouthpiece; your gasket may be loose. Adjust it or replace it with an extra mouthpiece.

Final thoughts

If you need to smoke indoors without producing any odor, the simplest thing to do is to smoke while you are standing next to an open window. Nonetheless, this doesn’t stop the smoke from going back inside; it only reduces the amount of smoke in your room.

Thankfully, you can easily make a sploof to get rid of the odor. You only require a few objects in the house, such as a tape, pair of scissors, and dry sheets, and very little effort.   

Whichever method you chose to make a sploof, it is important to know that it is a powerful tool to have at your disposal. When combined with some cannabis, you are assured of odorless smoke. 

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