Light of Jah ® marijuana seeds

The Light of Jah is a regular cannabis strain and one of the many versions named after Jack Herer. For example, there is Light of Jah Fem and Light of Jah Auto-Fem. This beautiful strain is praised for having won the Cannabis Cup multiple times. Order from a minimum of 10 Light of Jah seeds in a single package and associate yourself with the renowned Hemp and Cannabis author – Jack Herer of The Emperor Wears No Clothes book. 

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Light of Jah is one of the most famous strains in the world, and it isn’t really hard to see why with a name like that. if you haven’t already guessed, this award-winning weed strain is named after Jack Herer – want it yet?

In-depth information about this strain

Light of Jah is a really lovely sativa-dominant hybrid, containing only 25% indica. This means that this strain will make you feel happy and chatty, perfect for socializing. She has a pretty high THC level too and, with this one, you’ll be able to enjoy a really nice cerebral high that will make you giggly but will ensure you still remain functional. Her effects are long-lasting too and hit almost instantly.

What is the average yield?

This strain is fantastic for growers as her plants are incredibly compact – she only grows to heights of around 100 centimeters. Think small plants mean low yields? Think again! This little beauty delivers around 725 per plant if grown indoors, how amazing is that? The rewards don’t stop there though as if you choose to grow her outside she offers even more – 1200 grams per plant! Incredible.

This strain has an excellent flavour

Light of Jah really is amazing as she can be smoked recreationally and also used as a medicine. She is a great pain reliever so if you’re suffering from that, she might be your solution. Please consult your health professional before you attempt to use marijuana to treat health issues thought, because we aren’t doctors!