White widow xtrm ® feminized Cannabis Seeds

Boy, you would undeniably shock us if a specific strain’s strength is not one of the factors you consider before making a buying decision. We tend to believe that the team at Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds team of breeders were at a divine calling when they created their White Widow extreme feminized strain.

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And no, we are not referring to strength as the ability to fail to break in this description’s context. We mean that this is one of those original gangster types of strains where the grower doesn’t have to worry about moulds, caterpillars and white powdery continually.

What makes this strain so special?

We can’t mention enough that the White widow xtrm ® feminized Cannabis Seeds strains are properly strong. To the greatest extent, this is the most critical factor that may confidently enable us to refer to this plant as your special option. 

Besides, the fact that this strain has an Amsterdam origin (the world’s number 1 recognized weed capital) is, to the greatest extent, a killer way to tell you that you will not be going for the ordinary. One of the critical reasons we featured this strain on our website is that Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds has gone beyond and above to see that they have always made the White Widow XTRM feminized strain maintain the very quality it has been since the moment the strain hit our shelves. 

It took us 3 continuous growing seasons trialing this strain under the optimal growing conditions and now we can confidently tell you for free that, yes, we are impressed. You should, too, provided you will read this description to the latter and follow the exact tips we used to realize the full growth potential of the plant.  

Which effect does this strain give?

Allow us to be respectfully brutally honest with you; if you are a beginner, this is not your kind of strain that you will just wake up and think of. In fact, any white marijuana strain isn’t the best for the typical beginner.

The AMS White Widow extreme feminized strain has a 20-30% THC range, which absolutely means you will lose your pair of socks, and woe unto you if it happens that you are a gent and that very pair is a gift from your other half. 

White Widow XTRM weed produces a psychedelic high, but it is mostly a smooth one. This is a hybrid with 60% Indica and 40% Sativa. 

What is the difficulty of growing this strain? 

White Widow XTRM feminized seeds strain has an easy/moderate growing difficulty. This means that only amateurs and veterans can find the best solace that comes with such a strain’s growing difficulty. 

If you are a typical beginner, there is no major reason to make you worry as there are loads of strains on our website from the very source that has bred the White Widow XTRM seeds (AMS) with easy growing difficulty. 

What is needed to grow this strain?

Growing the White Widow XTRM feminized grass is lukewarm. Depending on your experience and how exactly you use a helpful approach, it could be hard or easy.

The initial step is in knowing that if you would like to grow the strain, you need to order it well in advance, especially if you are looking forward to growing it outdoors. That way, you are in a position to avoid the uncertainties that come with late ordering. Now, the germination of these beans is somewhat easy as you will need to select a method you feel like you are conversant with. This comprises the paper towel method, the usage of seedling plugs, direct germination, or that which you deem fit. 

For indoor growers, now that this is a hybrid tailored towards the Indica side grows to a short, bushy height (70cm) to be specific. The seedlings should then be cultivated using ample spacing to enhance the ultimate spreading of light across each plant. 

The watering also needs to be on point regardless of indoor or outdoor germination. And lastly, it’s all about the subjection of nutrients to White Widow extreme feminized seeds strain. If you opt for natural fertilizer, then coffee grounds or worm castings should do you justice. 

Keep each growing cycle of these cannabis strains in mind and you will be in to be a successful grower with the optimum yields. 

How much yield can I expect from this seed?

When grown indoors, White Widow extreme feminized strain will give you up to 500gms per square meter of yields. For the case of outdoor growing, then you can expect to reap up to 725gms per square meter. 

Everything about the flavour/scent 

The White Widow XTRM feminized seeds produce weed with a divine flavour and scent. As a matter of fact, this fantastic aroma welcomes any budding pothead to the Amsterdam coffee shops. Lest you forget, this is one of the most expensive strains in cannabis dispensaries in Amsterdam and arguably different parts of legal weed growing cities. 

Save yourself the cash you would otherwise spend when buying ready weed by buying the Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds White Widow extreme strain and benefiting from the auspicious growth, great scent and flavour, and the smooth rocking high.