Watering Weed Plants

Watering Weed Plants

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Novice growers often encounter the same questions. Before you start growing a weed plant you don’t think about it that much, but how much water do you actually have to give your weed plant? A watering can full? A cup? A little bit every day? Or twice a day? The tricky thing is that there is not really a scientific basis for this. It is difficult to draw up a kind of watering schedule, because every plant is different. So, read on and learn everything about watering weed plants.

Different weed plants have different watering needs

Basically it comes to common sense and also growing experience. The fact that no precise quantities have been determined about watering weed plants, of course does not mean that you will start watering at random. You will see what your plant needs. Moreover, a seedling needs less water than an adult plant with an extensive root system. A plant that is growing bigger and bigger needs more food and also water. That is an important thing to keep in mind. With the growth of your plant, the amounts of water you give will also change. Hey, now it’s really going to come down to your green thumb! Read on, because in this article we will discuss a number of things that determine how much water your cannabis plant needs. Much of this has to do with the growth phase that your plant is in. In addition, the medium in which you grow your plant has a major influence.

The growth medium influences the watering need of your weed plant

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How much water the soil can absorb and drain depends very much on the type of growing medium in which you grow your plants. You give a soil that drains well a different amount of water than a soil that leaves very bad water through, but retains it. Weed plants are generally fond of soil that is airy and drains well. What is also important, and you’ve probably heard of that, is that there are small holes in the bottom of a pot (container). The excess water can escape through those holes. If there are no holes at the bottom of the container or pot in which you grow, make them yourself.

Suppose you have given too much water, it can escape through the holes, but if the water cannot escape, the roots of your plant will rot. As mentioned, too much water is a risk that you do not want to take. If the soil does not drain well, but is very compact, the water will retain for longer. In this case, you have to give less water. If moisture remains in the soil for a long time, you have the risk of mold and root rot. These are all very annoying problems that can affect your plant and also ensure that your plant will not survive.

The growth phase

The need for water and nutrients change as your plant ages. Your plant needs a different amount of water at every stage of growth. A baby plant (seedling) needs much less water than an adult plant that can sometimes reach a few meters in height, which is in bloom and has large roots. You will have to water a large adult plant every day, and a small plant often only needs water every 2 or 3 days.


Does it take a long time before water leaks when the soil is soaked? Or does it take a long time before the soil is completely dry? Is the answer to both questions, or to 1 question ‘yes’, then you almost certainly have a drainage problem. That does not have to be an acute danger, but it will certainly cause problems in the near future. If you want to solve this problem quickly, or temporarily improve it, you can add perlite to your earth. Perlite has the property that the water drains well, so that the water does not stay in the medium unnecessarily long, and that any excess water is drained properly. Cannabis loves a dark-colored, rich soil that contains perlite. They can grow optimally and are supplied with the right amount of water.

The overall health

If plants are healthy, they will be better able to absorb water and nutrients. But then they also need more water. The overall health of your plants influences whether they need a lot or little water. Healthy, flowering, growing plants will require a lot of water. But plants that have a growth disorder because they are affected by disease or something else will need much less water.

Temperature and amount of light

The conditions in which plants grow also determine how much water they need. Suppose you are in a place where it is very hot, a lot of water is lost due to evaporation. You also drink more when it’s hot, right? It works just like that with plants. When it is hot and dry, you will have to give your plants more water. If there is a lot of heat and light, the plant also requires more water and vice versa. Keep in mind that if you water your plant on a hot day, suppose you are growing outside, then it is best to water only late in the evening, when the sun is down. And not in the middle of the day when it is the warmest, that is not good for your plant. Happy growing!

How do you determine the right amount of water? Tell us in the comments below!

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