Bonfire feminized Marijuana Seeds

Picture this: you are with fellow potheads and sitting around Bonfire. Doesn’t it seem fantastic? Well, this is the entire concept behind the breeding of the Bonfire feminized seeds – leading a happy and physically fit life to the fullest. We have made a perfect mix of the cannabinoid profile to ensure significant THC and CBD amounts, which makes our Bonfire fem strain ideal for any time of the day and condition.

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Bred using dependable parental figures 

Bonfire feminized Marijuana Seeds get bred using the Black Domina and New York Turbo Diesel. The Black Domina strain is so far the world’s best Indica hybrid while the New York Turbo Diesel won the High Times Cup as the best Sativa, ever.  

As the Bonfire feminized strain is among our newest assortments, we have made it following our loads of experience over the more than a decade we have been in the business. Thanks to the mixture of her parent’s genetics, you can experience a feeling of inner peace shortly after a couple of hits.

A sturdy and potent strain

Understandably, it would help if you had a strain that is strong and resistant to pests and diseases. We have improved the feminized Bonfire strain such that it is strong enough for both indoors and outdoors cultivation. 

Also, it grows as an Indica would, which should tell you that as far as the effects get concerned, you can entirely rely on Bonfire-fem. The physical appearance is like a Christmas tree, which helps prevent strong winds from breaking its branches.  

As far as the effects are concerned, Bonfire fem is mostly sativa; thus, it causes cerebral highs to give complete body relaxation. As you take it, you will also notice that it makes one more talkative,

The flavour is a delicious one that corresponds to her parental figures. These citric nodes tend to be extremely helpful to those who like paranoia-free ganja.  

Massive buds

If seeing dense buds in your pot farm gives you the most joy, then the feminized Bonfire strain is your go-to strain. The THC amounts go as high as 21% and provide a good Indica: Sativa combination. That is 40% and 60% respectively. 

If you would like to order your Bonfire feminized, then don’t hesitate to click that “buy product” button. The shipping is stealth, the packaging is anonymous, and the quality is guaranteed. Should you also wish to get enlightened about the Bonfire feminized or any one of our more than 100 strains, reach out to us, and we will be happy to clear the air.