Cannabis strains for summer

Cannabis strains for summer

perfect strains for summer
perfect strains for summer
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Summer is already past its peak, but the sun is still shining bright. There is no better season to enjoy a gram (or two!) of fresh and crispy weed. So go out and enjoy the summer sun as long as you can. We have compiled a list with 3 perfect cannabis strains for summer. And we also have lots of other awesome ideas that will make your summer even more fun! So read this article right up to the end, so you won’t miss a thing.

There are countless weed strains that perfectly match that wonderful, lazy summer feeling. We have made it easy for you and listed a top three of perfect cannabis strains for summer. These strains will uplift the summer vibe even more, so enjoy it while you can. Summer is here to stay!

Perfect cannabis strain for summer: Bob Marley feminized

Bob Marley marijuana

If you smoke this strain, you’ll immediately fly to Jamaica! Yeahman! This strain is named after the icon of marijuana and lives up to its name with a strong and relaxed stoned feeling.

The seeds of Bob Marley marijuana grow into tall, slender plants. The buds are relatively small, but deliver intense effects. This plant comes into its own when it is grown in a warm climate.

Read on and discover more perfect strains for summer.

Perfect summer strain: Pineapple Express

Are you looking for a cannabis strain that combines everything that is great about summer? Then Pineapple Express is your ultimate summer hit. As soon as you lit her, you will be surprised by its fruity scents and uplifting buzz. 

Pineapple Express is a real party starter and does a perfect job at your summer party or social event with friends. This superior marijuana plant has a hint of pineapple, thanks to its topical ancestors. Growing it yourself is a breeze. With proper care, this strain smoothly changes from one growth phase to the other. And before you know it, you’ll hold on to your own, sticky, sweet, freshly harvested buds. Even if you smoke Pineapple Express in the winter, you’ll still experience that wonderful summer feeling.

Read to the end of this article to discover more awesome cannabis strains for summer.

Another awesome cannabis strain for summer: Strawberry Ice feminized

Which fruit evokes the most associations with a lush, warm summer feeling? Right, strawberries. The delicious healthy, red fruit that is also packed with vitamin C. 

Strawberry Ice weed is therefore perfect for a warm summer day or evening. Also delicious as a dessert, after a nice dinner with friends. Enjoy the red crystals on the buds that give the aroma of strawberries.

By consuming one of the strains above, the summer feeling is far from over. So enjoy the sun and enjoy life to the fullest with these wonderful strains, whether you choose to smoke, vape, or process them into a delicious edible or culinary dish. The summer is yours!

Summer is a time of relaxation for most people. Especially if you have worked hard all year, the summer vacation is a well-deserved time to unwind. Which doesn’t mean that you don’t have to do anything at all. Doing nothing for a few days is fine, but after a while it gets boring for many people. That is why we have listed a number of entertaining summer activities for you. These activities are fun without a joint, but with cannabis they are much more fun!

So there you have three perfect cannabis strains for summer. But what should you do while smoking or vaping? Read on and discover a bunch of fun, summer activities.

Summer time ideas (with or without cannabis!)

Marijuana is tasty in every season, even winter. But you know how it is … when the sun comes out, everything is just a little nicer. People have a better mood, there is a nice vibe everywhere, the atmosphere is just brighter. And just as BBQ and beer are a good combo, summer and weed also fit together perfectly. Searching for nice cannabis strains for summer? Check the list at the top of this article.

But what are we going to do on these summer days – in addition to enjoying the delicious green herb? Browse the suggestions below and you will certainly not be bored during the remaining summer days. These are activities that will appeal to everyone – and the stoners among us in particular.

Binge watch a television series

Some summer days are just too hot. These days you just don’t feel like doing anything – at least nothing active. So how about staying inside? Nice and cool. Aircon and realxmode on! Chillax on the couch and bingewatch your favorite TV series until you’ve seen all seasons. You can also watch a film trilogy such as Lords of the Ring.

The concept is very simple. Make sure you have enough snacks in reach. Think of Doritos, cheese dippers and soft drinks. Or indulge in more quality, and pour yourself and your friends a nice glass of wine, accompanied by French cheeses. And whether you use weed or not, it is guaranteed to be cozy and relaxed. You can lit a blunt, you can vape cannabis, or you can eat a delicious edible, such as a cannabis chocolate brownie. It does not matter as long as you hold on to that cozy vibe. Whether you are alone, with your loved one or with friends.

Go hiking – serious!

In addition to all summer activities that are not active at all, we now come up with an activity that requires real effort! So get off the couch and look for your hiking boots. Because we are heading out! Many people think that cannabis and active things like hiking don’t go together, but then you are wrong. Hiking with weed is a fantastic sensory experience. Even though you are not sitting still, you will totally relax.

There are great hiking trails all over the world. There are routes for both experienced hikers and beginners. Make sure you adjust the pace to your own capabilities. You can of course opt for routes that remain flat. Compared to hikes where you really go climbing, it saves a lot of your energy. It is fantastic to enjoy nature with a little cannabis. Everything looks even happier, especially in the summer, when the colors are at their best. Spotting birds in the trees, or at small streams. You will be amazed by all the natural beauty. Discovering insects whose existence you didn’t even knew. Yes, cannabis hiking is a unique and relaxing experience that you will not soon forget. So, choose one of our proposed cannabis strains for summer, get your gear, and head out! 

Mix a delicious summer cannabis cocktail

cannabis margarita

In addition to cannabis, cocktails are also a perfect combination with summer. Summer cocktails are especially created to lift up the summer vibes even more. They are exotic and they are fun. They usually look fantastic, nicely decorated with fruit, straws and sugar edges.

So how about a Cannabis Margarita? That sounds like a nice cocktail, right? The Margarite is a classic cocktail that everyone around the world knows. But by adding marijuana you give this classic a unique and modern twist.

You increasingly see drinks such as cannabis cocktails as an alternative to drinks that contain alcohol. From mai tais, pina coladas, mojitos and you name them all. They can all be made from cannabis instead of alcohol.

Do you not really like cocktails? Then you have to admit that margaritas are yummie. And if you add marijuana to it, then you know for sure that you will experience a completely new sensation!

The classic margarita cocktail is made from a mix of tequila and refreshing lime juice. A perfect match with cannabis, right? Are you ready to mix this sensation yourself? Of course you are ready for that!

Below you will find a delicious recipe for a marijuana margarita. This recipe is not only delicious, but it is also very simple. It all starts with infusing the tequila with marijuana. Once you’ve done that, it’s time for step two, mixing the cocktail. Finally we have some styling tips for you! Because, like any cocktail, a margarita must look summery! So read on and get your cocktail shaker!

First: decarboxylate your cannabis

The substances in cannabis, such as THC, must first be shaken awake. If you consume raw cannabis, the substances are not active, right? Suppose you eat cannabis raw, it will not get you high. This is because there is no process of decarboxylation. Without this process, your cocktail will not trigger a high.

Fortunately, decarboxylating cannabis is very simple. It comes down to heating your plant material. Just as you do when smoking or vaping cannabis. Only now do you first heat the cannabis so that the substances become active. And once they are active, you add them to the cocktail. Still follow? No? That’s OK, just follow the steps below.

Heat the oven, at 150 ° C. Remove cannabis from your storage jar and divide it over an oven plate. Put it in the oven for half an hour. The cannabinoids are awake after half an hour, they are now active! If you add it to your drink now it will cause a blissful buzz. That’s all! Simple, right?

And now we are going to mix that wonderful cannabis margarita …

What do you need?

  • Tequila
  • A pot or pan with a lid
  • 3 limes
  • Honey
  • Marijuana, top residues, cutting residues or ground buds
  • Margarita glasses
  • Blender
  • Ice
  • Little salt

Here we go…

Fill your pan or jar with cannabis. Fill up to half without fat. You can use all kinds of plant material, provided it is decarboxylated. Did you do that? Sweet. Now pour tequila on it. White tequila is recommended. Put the lid on the jar and shake well. If you use a pan, mix well with a spoon.

Your patience is now being tested. Place the pot in a quiet, cool and dark place and let it stand for 2 weeks. Two weeks? Yes, two weeks. It’s a long time, we know. But the waiting is rewarded, really, trust us. Shake or stir the contents of the jar well once in a while.

After those two weeks you remove the plant material with a sieve. You can use a coffee filter. Does your tequila have a nice golden color? Perfect! Then you know you did well. If you use white tequila then you can see whether the cannabis has infused properly. With brown tequila, that difference is harder to see. White tequila takes on the color of cannabis much better, which ultimately contributes even more to the experience.

Ready to mix your drink? Yes? Well, what are you waiting for?

  • Take out your blender and fill it with ice cubes. Add 5 tablespoons of honey.
  • Press 3 limes. Also pour the juice into the blender.
  • Now add a quantity of cannabis tequila to your own taste. The more you add, the stronger the effect will be! So maybe you should be a little careful the first time! The more tequila (and cannabis) the more intense your margarita! Blend everything.

How can you serve your margarita?

Margaritas should be served in cold glasses. So if you really want to do it perfectly, put your cocktail glasses in advance in the fridge. And then the edge of salt. That is part of it! Some people prefer not to have it, but it is the margarita way to go. First moisten the edge a bit with water and dip the glass in the salt (on a plate).

Finishing touch

Now cut a lime into slices. And slice them in up to the middle. Slide a slice of lime over the edge of each glass. Nice and tropical, right? If you really want to finish it to the last detail, grate some zest of a lemon and sprinkle it on top. Beautiful as a decoration!

Hopefully you’ve got inspired by these summer activities. And don’t forget to try one of those cannabis strains we’ve mentioned at the top of this article. Enjoy the rest of this summer!

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