Easy Rider Marijuana Seeds

The Easy Rider cannabis strain is regular. It is such a sturdy and compact plant that it grows across all environments. The buds are massive and give a smooth high that best fits potheads of different experience levels.

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Characteristics of Easy Rider

Easy Rider Marijuana Seeds is more of an Indica than Sativa, with 70% Indica dominance and 30% Sativa. The THC levels are mostly medium and range anywhere between 5 and 15%. This makes this valuable strain have a smooth high that suits even a person starting out. 

Indica dominance makes her short, bushy, and small. This is to say that if you would like to grow your dope in secret, then the Easy Rider is ideal for guaranteeing just that. The heights indoors are as short as 60cm and up to 170cm when cultivated outdoors. 

The seeds get bred in such a way that they have high chances of sprouting or instead guaranteed germination, especially when you follow the best growing guide tips

One thing that sets apart the Easy Rider strain from other regular cannabis strains is that she has beautiful little purple color at her tall, yet fat tops. 

When cultivated indoors, she has a fast flowering time, which takes anywhere between 8 and 9 weeks. For the case of an outdoor growing environment, it would be worthwhile to harvest your yields between September and October. 

Which effect does this strain give?

Easy Rider gets characterized by her uplifting effects. This means that you can take its hit during the day, especially when starting your day or boosting your creativity when handling your daily tasks.


Probably those who named this strain Easy Rider got inspired by her growing difficulty. The Easy Rider is easy to grow strain and befits beginners, intermediaries, and experienced pot growers. She also does well indoors, outdoors, and in hydroponics. 


Easy Rider yields up to 400gms per square meter when cultivated indoors and up to 450gms in the case of an outdoor growing environment. 

Taste and Scent

Easy Rider has a sweet taste and aroma.