Skunk special

Special it is! Connoisseurs, who value thick clouds of Skunk, will unanimously nod that the Skunk Special is that piece of dope that best works for them. She maintains the typical qualities of the ordinary Skunk, and this includes her ability to do well across different parts of the world, resistance to molds, pests, and diseases, and of course, massive yields. The buds are also sticky, which means that in case the weather gets adverse, the buds will still tightly remain in their perfect place. 

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In-depth information about Skunk Special Marijuana Seeds

The buds are mostly orange in color, and this is specifically what sets apart the Skunk Special strain from any other skunk in the world. 

In fact, if you could ask any expert without even engaging us, they will tell you that the Skunk Special strain is the best for hotboxing. Outdoor growers also agree that no more unique strain can compete with Skunk Special in terms of adaptability. Her THC levels range anywhere between 5 and 15%, and this particular strain doesn’t edge out any pothead irrespective of their experience level. 

The indoor height is not the shortest and goes to as high as 80cm. The outdoor height grows up to 190cm. Also, this regular strain is Indica dominant with a dominance of 70% and Sativa 30%. 

Which effect does this strain give?

As Skunk Special is an Indica-dominant strain, her effects are profoundly relaxing. She is best taken during the night to unwind after a long, tiresome day. She helps in combating conditions such as insomnia, thanks to her medicinal properties. 

Is it easy or hard to grow?

Skunk Special has an easy/medium growing difficulty, depending on the grower’s experience. He also does well indoors and outdoors.

The expected yield

When grown indoors, you can reap to 500gms per square meter Skunk Special weed. If you, instead, go the outdoors way, the harvest will then go up to 550 grams per square meter. 

Well known for its citrusy flavour

Skunk Special has a citrusy flavor, while the aroma is an intense, skunky one.