What is a cannabis massage?

What is a cannabis massage?

Medical strains
Medical strains
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Pot enthusiasts will always have something new to explore. Those who have ever tried marijuana massage like me, then they are already aware of how the whole experience is like. Understandably, there are those questions that you will, of course, be asking yourself.

For instance, does a cannabis massage get the user high? What is the difference between the conventional and a marijuana massage? And so forth. Read on to get a better understanding of the same.

Cannabis massage versus the usual massage

The critical difference between the two lies in the sense that in cannabis massage, cannabinoids will get introduced into the body for the effects to start kicking. In contrast, in the ordinary massage, the user won’t get subjected to any cannabinoids or phytochemicals.

Personal experience with cannabis massage

I was utterly anxious before I alighted from my car to face my masseuse. “What if I get such high that I can’t drive anymore after feeling refreshed? What if I become addicted from the get-go?” Lots of what-ifs when I was a newbie. 

I had to soldier on, nonetheless, and face the bull by its horns. Such ignorant I was to have all those uncertainties. But thankfully, as a stoner, I had hydrated well over the past 24 hours in preparation to what would otherwise come my way. 

So, there come my masseuse – Lydia. On her hands, she had this attractive bottle labelled cannabis-infused massage oil. It was full-spectrum in nature and contained both THC and CBD as the primal ingredients. 

Lydia did her thing on my body for a whopping hour. Honestly, that remains among my most memorable days. Nowadays, I don’t feel exactly the same way as it was the first time. I guess it’s because I am no longer so anxious or my body has gotten used to it.

I hadn’t taken any hit before the massage, nor did I afterward. And guess what? I didn’t feel any high. That’s, nevertheless, not how marijuana massage oil topicals work, anyway. 

I sat on my allocated desk and watched a couple of documentaries on their TV. Everything was loud and clear. Necessarily, it was a thrilling experience as I was more focused than I always am while sober. 

So, I would like to address these top-tier benefits of cannabis massage. 

The benefits of a cannabis massage

1. Deep Muscle Relaxation

After smoking pot, one thing is sure – your body feels generally relaxed. While I understand that you won’t be smoking cannabis, the same ingredients will maneuver their way through the skin and cause a deep and thorough relaxation to the muscles.

Primarily, when a massage therapist rubs cannabis massage oil gently, the effects tend to be therapeutic and relaxing. This means that muscle strains, pain, and tension ease a great time.

2. Alleviating Pain

Most medical marijuana users turn to cannabis because of its myriad of pain-alleviating properties. With marijuana massage, it leads to a decrease in inflammatory effects in the body. As inflammation is among the leading causes of pain and chronic pain, marijuana massage oil helps in upping the blood flow along with the bloodstream.

3. Solving Anxiety And Stressors

Everyone, at some point, experiences stress and anxiety. The severe these mental conditions could be, the faster one is in the desperate urge to alleviate them. As cannabis helps enhance mood, the application of weed massage oil by professional therapists helps in solving these.

When that gets successfully done, the victim ends up forgetting about what they were going through and remain jovial. 

4. A Myriad Of Anti-inflammatory Properties

Not only does inflammation lead to pain, but it also inhibits mobility. Muscles and joints tend to have lots of difficulties when they get inflamed.

Thankfully, cannabis massage oil contains CBD, in addition to its THC. CBD gets characterized by the potential to alleviate inflammation shortly after it enters the affected parts through the skin.

5. Skin Stimulation

Massaging the skin gently helps in making it stimulated and lively. Now that cannabis-infused massage oil has nourishing properties, the skin gets the following benefits:

  • Alleviation of acne
  • Elimination of facial wrinkles 
  • Unclogging the pores
  • Improvement of the skin tone
  • Revitalizing the skin. 

If you are looking for the best topical massage, then think about cannabis massage. Assuredly, it is a decision that you will never regret. 

Have you ever had a cannabis massage, let us know in the comments how your experience was!

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