California Dream feminized

Are you looking for a perfect mix of Sativa and Indica? Then the feminized California Dream is a dependable gold oldie that gets characterized by its full potential to make the user thoroughly happy and rolling.

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Strain description

As the name implies, the California Dream feminized strain traces her origin from California, known for being relatively sunny. The plant has a dense growth and is mostly short, unless when it gets planted in a warm temperate climate. 

The Indica and Sativa ratios are 70%and 30%, respectively. As she does well indoors as outdoors, you can expect her height to be up to 240 centimeters and 80cm indoors.  

The buds are mostly resinous, fat, and with green and orange color. It takes 8 weeks only to see your grass blossoming. In the case of the outdoor cultivation, the best month to reap your goodie is in October.

What is the difficulty of growing this strain?

It isn’t daunting to grow the California Dream Feminized strain. The growing difficulty is moderate, making her ideal to get cultivated by pot enthusiasts who have an intermediate experience.

It is worth mentioning that you should grow the strain hot and humid areas to reflect the climatic conditions of her origin for the best results.

How much weed does this strain give?

In an indoor environment, the yields go as high as 500gms per square meter. Outdoors, the strain gives up to 700gms per square meter. 

What flavour and scent to expect?

California Dream gives every stoner a dream they wouldn’t resist when it comes to taste and aroma. Mainly, it has a pungent, skunky, and, importantly a sweet scent. The taste is more of a mixture of both mint and Citrusy fruit.

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