Big Bud autoflower

Are you a commercial cannabis grower or do you want to venture into this business? The auto-flowering version of the feminized Big Bud strain is a plant you cannot afford to miss in your ganja farm if at all you are serious into the weed business. With Skunk and Afghan being the parental figures, this strain maintains the easy-to-grow nature.

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Strain description

You necessarily don’t have to have loads of weed cultivation expertise for the Big Bud autoflower Cannabis Seeds since this is an improved Indica-dominant strain to make it easy for every other business pot grower to realize their dreams using the least resources. 

Is this strain suitable for indoors or outdoor?

The Big Bud autoflower seeds give rise to strains that, as the name suggests, are Big budded. The stalks tend to be enormous and mostly need to be supported using strings to prevent the dense buds from falling.  

While you can grow the plant in both indoor and outdoor environments, you will need to ensure that there is fantastic spacing in the case of an indoor space. 

Stunning flavors best describe her

A musky aftertaste and especially after tasting the spicy, garlicky, and grapefruit flavour of the Big Bud auto-flowering feminized strain gives it the best flavours that any pot enthusiast could enjoy best. It is honestly a fantastic combination of proper tastes that we wouldn’t wish anyone lets slip their arms. 

What questions do you have?

Being in the marijuana cultivation industry for more than a decade, you can be sure to rely on us for any pieces of advice. If you find that the Big Bud autoflower is your go-to strain, then you may be free to contact us so that we clear the air about any complicated issue you may face.

Also, depending on the climatic conditions in your region, we can advise even further on all strains that can act as an ultimate substitute to the auto-flowering Big Bud feminized.