Cheese feminized cannabis seeds

After taking their ample time to cross their valuable Master Kush with Super Skunk, the cheesy Cheese feminized strain came into existence. This is one of the few strains that when getting grown, they give utter fanciness, thanks to how properly the buds appear massive. Today, you can expect to find the feminized version of Cheese across different parts of the world.

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Cheese feminized Cannabis Seeds is mostly an Indica/Sativa strain with 60% Indica and 40% Sativa. The THC amounts are also skyrocketed and range anywhere 20 and 30%, which should tell you that it isn’t perfect for that wannabe pot smoker trying to get their feet wet.  

With Master Kush and Super Skunk being her parents, Cheese maintains the controllable nature of her mother’s traits, making it possible to conduct several yield enhancement measures such as lollipopping and pruning. 

She is mostly short, where she grows up to 70cm in an indoor setup, and up to 200cm in an outdoor environment. However, the height doesn’t replicate her yields. There is more than meets the eye. The flowering time is also short, and ranges anywhere between 8 and 9 weeks. 


Cheesy weed gives giggly effects. It doesn’t matter how well you trust yourself for being stone-faced, boy; you will undeniably laugh. Not once, twice, or thrice, for as long as the long-lasting effects of Cheese fade. 

Also, the Cheese feminized strain has generous amounts of CBD, which make her ideal for getting used for medicinal purposes. 


It would be best if you were intermediately experienced to grow the feminized version of Cheese. She has a moderate growing difficulty; thus, you don’t have to have years of experience, and you don’t have to be a complete beginner.

Cheese fem does well in indoor and outdoor cultivation setups, and this doesn’t exclude hydroponic cultivation. However, you need to ensure that you water the plants thoroughly to form sturdy plants that can support her massive buds.

Yield of Cheese feminized

If you grow the Cheese feminized indoors, you can expect your yields to go as high as 600gms per square meter, while in an outdoor environment, the yields go up to 650gms per square meter. 

Taste and Scent

As the name implies, the feminized Cheese strain has a cheesy taste. The scent is a skunky one, and this, to a greater extent, can be attributed to Super Skunk