Waikiki queen feminized Cannabis Seeds

If you think, you’ve heard enough of the high-yielding marijuana strains, then be warned. Waikiki Queen Feminized is yet another weed strain you don’t want to miss as an ardent marijuana grower. At Amsterdam Marijuana Seedbank, we hold tightly to the belief that you will want to know what makes this strain one of the best among the many mentioned.

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What Makes This Strain So Special?

Indeed, we believe that Waikiki queen feminized Cannabis Seeds is one of the best marijuana strain seeds we have stocked so far. The strain is special in many ways. However, three things stand out:

First, it is the strain’s yield. With little effort, you are likely to harvest up to 700 grams and 1150 grams when grown indoors and outdoors, respectively. 

Second, Waikiki Queen Feminized is one of the tallest marijuana strains in the world. At its maturity, a stalk of Waikiki Queen Feminized will stand at a height of 250 centimeters when grown outdoors. If indoors, expect fully-grown Waikiki Queen Feminized plants to hit at least 90 centimeters.

Third, Waikiki Queen Feminized seeds take time to start showing flowers. Although the yield is superb, Waikiki Queen Feminized seeds start to flower at its tenth week, with some plants taking as long as twelve weeks to start showing flowers. 

Therefore, you need to be patient with this marijuana strain.

Which Effect Does This Strain Give?

We at Amsterdam Marijuana Seedbank hold to the fact that Waikiki Queen Feminized is the new addiction in town. Taking Waikiki Queen Feminized will leave you yearning for more and even more, with the ecstasy feeling getting even greater and deeper as time passes.

Your day will be lively from morning till evening. The strain’s potency is also topnotch. Remember, Waikiki Queen Feminized is 70% Sativa and 30% Indica, with a THC level of about 20% to 30%. As such, expect nothing but Sativa-dominant strain results.

You will maintain an ultimate sense of happiness, relaxation, and lively moods all day long. 

In addition, taking Waikiki Queen Feminized gives you the energy you need to go about your daily chores. In fact, there are chances of running up and down as you do your business after taking a small amount of this crazy monster.

What Is The Difficulty Of Growing This Strain?

Two things you need to beware of when growing Waikiki Queen Feminized seeds:

The first thing that might prove a challenge to you is choosing the germination method. Waikiki Queen Feminized seeds are very tiny. They take time to sprout, but with reasonable care, they eventually sprout. 

The second thing that might prove a daunting challenge to you is how to contend with the height of this strain. With a whopping 250 centimeter height, expect the plant’s branches to fall often. 

What Is Needed To Grow This Strain? 

Waikiki Queen Feminized seeds grow to form large and extremely tall stalks. As such, you may need to be cautious about a number of things, namely:

Proper supporters – When grown outdoors, Waikiki Queen Feminized seeds grow as high as 250 centimeters. It is no doubt that with this height, the branches may fall especially when and if there is wind. Because you do not want to lose the crop and its yield in the end, you may be forced to erect supporters.

Constant attention – Attention around the clock is needed for the plants to attain full growth. Although there is no evidence that the plant grows to form bushes, there is a reason to believe that you need to check on your crops from time to time to see if there are any fallen branches or leaves. Buds too fall often.

Use the right fertilizer – A recent research carried by students of Oregon State University found out that the use of proper marijuana fertilizer increased yield by over 30%. With that in mind, you know that you can harvest big if you apply the right nutrients in time. Proper and timely fertilization helps in root formation, thus good results.

Guard against molds – It is true that Waikiki Queen Feminized seeds are resistant to mold. However, that does not mean the crop is immune to bacteria, fungi, and certain types of mold. Conducting a thorough cleaning helps scare mold that can otherwise destroy your crops.

Pruning – For it to grow straight up and strong, Waikiki Queen Feminized needs pruning. However, you need to master the art of pruning your weed. At the same time, you have to know when it is the right time to prune. While early pruning helps the crop to garner strength at the early stage, it is also dangerous if you remove the young and fresh leaves and branches, some of which lay the basis of the future stronger stalk.

Supplemental nutrients – Studies indicate that Waikiki Queen Feminized strain adds potency when growers supplement marijuana fertilizer with homemade manure. You need to figure out which manure adds value to your crops. Decomposed coffee husks, leaves, and other locally available matter will form good nutrients to your crops.

How Much Yield Can I Expect From This Seed?

Waikiki Queen Feminized seed strain is one of the high-yielding strains in Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds. A meter square of land will give you up to 25 ounces when grown indoors. This amount of yield is equivalent to 700 grams. 

When grown outdoors, you are likely to harvest up to 41 ounces of marijuana from the same area. The amount is equivalent to 1150 grams. Indoor height for a mature Waikiki Queen Feminized plant is 90 centimeters, while outdoor height hits some 250 centimeters. 

Everything About The Flavour/Scent

Waikiki Queen Feminized features a strong yet sweet tropical scent. The taste is also awesome. A mature improved Waikiki marijuana strain gives you a holiday feeling even when it is not celebration time. The buds are very light and have a sweet and tantalizing smell. There is also something like a Hawaiian flavour, which makes this strain distinctive.