White Quinn CBD Feminized Marijuana Seeds

If you are looking for an offspring whose parental figures are sativa-dominant and is ideal for beginners, intermediates, and veterans, then the White Quinn CBD feminized is your go-to choice. The amounts of CBD and THC are equally high.

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In-depth information about this strain

With the Amsterdammarijuanaseeds.com White Queen and Harlequin being the parents, White Quinn CBD Feminized Marijuana Seeds has skyrocketed Tetrahydrocannabinol levels ranging anywhere between 20 and 30%. The strain has an Indica dominance of 90% and 10% Sativa. 

The flowering time is moderately short and takes between 8 and 10 weeks in the case of an indoor cultivation setting. It is also worth mentioning that the high is exceptionally potent and care ought to be taken when taking her hit stealthily.

The height is manageable in both indoor and outdoor environments. For instance, the height is only 45 inches in an indoor environment, while the outdoor height is relatively above 60 inches. 

A good strain to relieve stress

It’s funny to find that the White Quinn parents are sativa-dominant, but she is 90% Indica. This dominance makes her potent and mostly fantastic for relaxing after engaging the daily stressors. 

The high THC and CBD ratio gives her a myriad of medical benefits such as the alleviating of pain, mental disorders, inflammation and more. After taking the dope, you realize feelings of deep relaxation and buzzing effects. The mind also gets a deep sense of clarity, but the body may get sedated. 

How hard is it to grow this strain?

The White Quinn CBD feminized strain does well in both indoors and outdoors cultivation climate. It also flourishes in hydroponics, and you can be sure to go this route if hydroponic cultivation is your piece of bread and butter.

The growing difficulty is easy and fits every grower irrespective of their experience. 

How much Yield can I expect from this seed?

In hydroponics, indoor, and outdoor growing environments, the White Quinn CBD feminized gives yields ranging between 1 and 3oz/f2. 

Taste and Scent of White Quinn CBD Fem

This strain produces an earthy taste, and woody and skunky smell.

How amazed are you with the medicinal White Quinn feminized cannabis strain? Well, nothing will beat the joy you will get when you save your cash by planting the seeds instead of buying ounces of her weed from your nearest dealer. 

Which country does this seed get shipped to?

Understandably, you would like your packet of White Quinn CBD feminized seeds to get released to you within a reasonable timeframe. Amsterdammarijuanaseeds.com ships pot seeds worldwide and stealthily to ensure that you won’t get edged out by the growing season.