Hotboxing a car (full guide) + the 10 best tips

Hotboxing a car (full guide) + the 10 best tips

Guy hotboxing a car
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Hotboxing is a way of consuming weed in an enclosed space with no ventilation at all. The idea is to create enough smoke without escaping the enclosure and inhaling until you get high. That enclosed space could be your car, bathroom, closet, or basement. Hotboxing maximizes the weed effects as your lungs get a generous THC and other elements, including terpenes.

The first-ever done session of hotboxing was recorded by a Greek scholar, Herodotus, during his study of Southern Siberia’s Scythians. Scythians used giant hotboxes to perform personal grooming regimen. Later in other parts of the world, the process became an act of rebellion among stoners to hide as they smoked cannabis. The practice is now an acceptable cannabis culture that any stoner in the world can practice.

Choosing to hotbox over the other consuming weed methods is out of fascinations and thrills that come with the practice. The sessions are even more enjoyable when you do them with fellow stoners. 

What’s interesting with hotboxing is that it can get you high in seconds. Though the reasons for hotboxing are varied, that could be why people choose the method. Others will do it for fun, out of convenience, or restricted by laws to smoke openly. Whichever reason for hotboxing, it will be a rip-roaring experience at the confines of your space as you watch the joint getting wholly combusted.  

Various studies have shown that hotboxing is one of the most effective methods of consuming cannabis. At John Hopkins University, a group of six smokers were put together with six non-smokers in an unventilated room. 

The smokers were allowed to light weed and produce a giant cloud of smoke that filled the room. After some time, the non-smokers became high. That confirmed the effects of cannabis smoking on non-smokers. The THC levels were equivalent for the two groups. 

That means if you are a non-smoker staying with a smoker, the impact of the smoke on the body is the same because you inhale the same air contaminated by toxins from the smoke.

Hotboxing In Your Car

Your car is one of the most appropriate places to hotbox. It is not only comfortable but also offers you privacy. You do not have to worry about the roving eye noticing you, especially if the windows are tinted. If your car is not tinted, you can look for a secluded place like a basement parking lot or hotbox at night. 

Choosing to hotbox in your car maybe because you want to make the session community-friendly; not everyone appreciates cannabis in their neighbourhood. You probably share a room with non-smokers, or you want to experience the fantasies associated with hotboxing a car. 

One of the benefits of choosing a car is that you close the doors and roll up the windows. That will contain the smoke inside. You will maximally enjoy the smoke until you are high enough. Another advantage is that no one will follow you up in your car to question you unless they are nosy. 

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Rolling joint in a car

Hotboxing Car Tips

To hotbox a car, you need a few workable tips for a fascinating experience:

  1. Choose A Discreet Location

An open location will expose you to passerby. It is going to be clear to them that you are smoking weed in your car. Before you begin your fantasies, choose a discreet place for a confidential session. A nearby driveway in your neighborhood or the rear of a vacant parking lot close to your home will serve you best. You can locate a ranch nearby your home. That will be much better for you. 

Wherever it is, be sure that it’s discreet and reasonably near your property. Near your home, it will be convenient for you to pick up the car another day leave it permanently park there for the smell to go away.

A discreet place is also perfect because of the bad cops looking for suspected cannabis traffickers and users. That is popular in the states that haven’t legalized cannabis possession and use. Stay alert and take care not to be nabbed for processing.  

  1. Get Friends

You don’t want to get high alone. Getting a few friends will keep you company as you share the thrilling experience of cannabis life. Having to fill your car with clouds of smoke is not an easy job. You need assistance, which will come from friends. 

Assign each a rolled joint to light and blow enough smoke enough for hotboxing. The best smoke is when your eyes cannot see, though. Attaining that requires a joint effort.

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Music in the ears is not only soothing, but it boosts the hotboxing vibe. Hotboxing in a grave, quiet environment is not fun at all. Spice up the session with a special playlist dedicated to hotboxing. To make it more interesting, involve your fellow hotboxers to add some songs to the playlist. 

Hotboxing while playing your favorite reggae playlist is a recipe for a long, enjoyable session. 

  1. Buy Sufficient Joints

One joint is not enough to fill enough smoke. It will be a waste of time having to go back to your house or store amid the session to get another supply. Stash enough joints in a bag to avoid going back and forth. To maximize smoke in the shortest time possible, light a few joints and assign your friends to fill up smoke. 

Remember that in there, the oxygen is likely to get used up. You need to hasten things so that you can get out and get fresh oxygen for your lungs. You, of course, know what will happen when your lungs get short of oxygen. If you don’t know, you can experience a sudden high blood pressure, experience difficulty breathing, go into a coma, or die while hotboxing.

  1. Pack Snacks, Water, And Other Drinks

Getting prepared in advance spares you and your fellow hotboxers from having to rush out to get water, a snack or a drink. Make sure before you get into the session, you are fully loaded with these. Opening your car door to reach out for snacks will render your effort of filling the car with smoke useless. 

The precious THC smoke will escape into thin air. It isn’t very pleasant having to start all over again. To make things easier, you can assign your pals to come with the snacks and drinks as you plan for other technical things such as location and joints.

  1. Leave Your Car Keys At Home

Do not carry your car keys to your car for obvious reasons. Starting the engine may accidentally roll the windows down. Your precious smoke will be long gone by the time you try to roll the windows up. 

You are not likely to restrain your already high friends to stop rolling down the windows. That’s very irritating. You also don’t want to drive when you are high and intoxicated from the drinks you carried along. 

Driving when you are intoxicated could easily find yourself in the ditch or under the bridge with some limps missing. To prevent that, leave your car keys in the house and designate a friend to drive you home when you are through with the sessions.

  1. Leave Your Non-Smoking Friends Out Of The Event

Inviting your non-smoking friends to a hotboxing event is not wise at all. You are all going to get high except them. Having them join a smoking event whereas not smoking is odd, especially if they don’t like THC. Hotboxing is only for marijuana lovers, not people who fear second-hand smoke.

  1. Use Blunts Or Joints, Not Vapor

Unless you create smoke, Hotboxing is not going to be successful. More smoke means a better hotboxing event. That leaves the vaping option out of the event. Joints and blunts will create maximum smoke for your session. 

  1. Ventilate Your Car Well After The Session

Weed smell sticks n your car’s upholstery for long. To prevent this menace, open the doors to allow fresh air into your vehicle. You can use a freshener or burn incense to keep off the smell. Fanning your automobile will be an excellent idea if you don’t want the anti-drug police to catch you at their roadblock.

  1. Beware Of Safety Precautions When Hotboxing Your Car

Hotboxing is a phenomenal experience. The thrillers and fantasies that come with it can leave your mind carried away. You need to stay alert amid intoxication and high effects of the THC and drinks you brought along. Being aware of the safety precautions before you plan the event is your responsibility as these will affect you or your friends. Some of the safety precautions to check out for include:

  • Beware Of Hypercapnia

Hypercapnia is having high levels of carbon dioxide in your blood. That can happen to you or your friends. When you inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide, if you are in an unventilated room or space, the oxygen gets decreases and carbon dioxide increases. Eventually, you are left with only carbon dioxide to inhale. That is risky and results in hypercapnia, also called hypercarbia. 

Hypercapnia is what will happen to you if you are not keen. To prevent this, do not prolong your hotboxing sessions. When you get enough THC, end the session, roll down the windows or get out of the car to grasp fresh air. It is important to note that hypercapnia is fatal. It can lead to convulsions, coma, and asphyxia. 

If you or a fellow stoner experiences headache, dizziness, seizures, difficulty breathing, tiredness, fast heart rate, sweating, and elevated blood pressure, it is time to stop. Open the doors and pull them out to get fresh air. 

For a quick recovery, lie them down and elevate their legs at an angle to allow oxygen to flow to the brain. If the symptoms accelerate, it’s time to call an ambulance or rush your friend to the nearest healthcare provider.

  • Fire Outbursts

Car fire outbursts are likely to occur if you light your joint and the car has an electrical fault. Starting your car engine while hotboxing can be disastrous. Roll our joints and blunts well with quality rolling papers to avoid dropping disintegrated burning weed on the floor. That can lead to fires or getting severe burns. 

Be alert during the whole exercise and check on your friends if they drop any ash on the floor or the car seats. That can be disastrous.

  • Addiction

Marijuana addiction is one of the precautions to watch out for before you plan for hotboxing. The herb’s THC can be very addictive. Hotboxing itself is very addictive as it is an easy way to get high. Bot addictions may not be good for your well-being. 

  • Cancer

Weed contains toxic components such as Acetaldehyde, Cadmium, Chromium, Quinoline, Ammonia Arsenic, Hydrogen, Cyanide, and Amines. All these are chemicals that can cause cancer and other health conditions. Smoking weed makes you vulnerable to these carcinogenic elements. Frequent sessions of hotboxing can cause cancer and severe illnesses that are difficult to treat. Reducing your sessions or finding alternative methods of consuming your ganja can safeguard you against cancer.

  • Beware Of Your State Laws

In November 2020, cannabis use and possession was voted for by some states to become legal. It is important to be aware of the legal position of your state regarding cannabis law. Check out if your state allows you to be in possession of medical marijuana, recreational marijuana, or both. 

Whichever applies to your state, before you decide to hotbox in your car, make sure that it is illegal. Being ignorant of your state and federal laws is not a defense in a court of law. The perfect sentence will apply to you regardless of your awareness of such laws.

 Hotboxing is one of the craziest methods of consuming your ganja. It is even more fascinating in your car. The above-mentioned tips will enhance your sessions. The safety precautions will minimize the risks involved in hotboxing a car. Take your time to internalize those so that you can enjoy the most special hotboxing sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to hotbox car without it smelling?

Take one or two dryer sheets, place them over one end of the cardboard roll, and hold the sheets in place. Start smoking by exhaling the smoke though the other end of the cardboard roll and the roll will filter the smoke through the dryer sheets thus removing the odor.


How to get rid of hotbox smell in car?

Sprinkling small amounts of baking soda, vacuuming, and spraying your car with Ozium are some of the practical ways of getting rid of hotbox smell from your car. If the smell lingers, you can let baking soda stay in the car with the box open for a night or two.


What does hotboxing a car mean?

Hotboxing a car is a term used to mean when a person or a group of stoners decide to smoke weed in a closed car. A car with windows raised up is undoubtedly one of the best areas to hotbox. The lack of ventilation in a car increases the effects of marijuana to those inside the car.


Is hotboxing a car dangerous?

Hypercapnia can take place because the aim of hotboxing a car is to ensure you get the full effects of marijuana from the smoke concentration inside the car. Continuous car hotboxing can lead to serious health conditions including lung cancer. Nonsmokers in the car can too, be affected by the smoke concentration.


How long does a car smell after hotboxing?

Weed smell can remain in the car for up to 30 minutes after hotboxing. With proper ventilation afterward, the smell is likely to varnish completely after some 40 minutes. The first 10 minutes after hotboxing the car are still intense because the smoke concentration is still high.


What is hotboxing a car?

Hotboxing a car refers to when a person or a group of people smoke weed from inside the car with windows closed. The lack of ventilation leads to the weed smoke concentrating in the enclosure, which intensifies the effects of marijuana to those smoking and those that don’t inside the car.


Does hotboxing stink up your car?

Hotboxing a car leaves it smelling for 30 minutes or even more depending on the airflow thereafter. Do not hotbox a car especially if you are planning to use it afterward. Vacuum your car, sprinkle a little baking soda or drive around for about 15 minutes before others use the car.


Where to hotbox a car?

The back of an empty parking lot near your house is one of the ideal places to hotbox a car. This location is ideal because it is near to your house, where you can stay in the car discreetly and longer, it is safe to park it overnight, and you can pick it up with ease the following morning.

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