Cannabis concentrate Terp Sauce

cannabis concentrate terp sauce

Reading Time: 3 minutes Terp sauce is the youngest descendant of the cannabis concentrates. It is characterized by a high concentration and perfect composition of terpenes and cannabinoids. Many concentrate enthusiasts say that terp sauce offers a superior high. Is that true? Read on and discover everything about the cannabis concentrate Terp Sauce. Cannabis concentrate Terp Sauce turns world […]

Marijuana against inflammation

marijuana against inflammation

Reading Time: 2 minutes Many diseases and disorders are accompanied by inflammation. Marijuana can play an important role in treatment. But how does marijuana help against inflammation? Read on and discover the positive properties of cannabis that inhibit inflammatory processes in the human body. Now that marijuana is increasingly in the spotlight thanks to the legalization, more studies are […]

Curing cannabis buds

curing cannabis buds

Reading Time: 3 minutes Harvest period is a fantastic time for every cannabis grower. This is the moment you have been longing for. You spent hours and hours of sowing and caring your precious plants. And now the ultimate moment has arrived. But what do you do after you have harvested your flower tops? Read everything about drying and […]

Smoking pot and studying

smoking pot and studying

Reading Time: 3 minutes Are you a student and do you smoke pot while studying? Have you ever wondered if that influences your study results? Let’s dive in, because it’s an interesting topic. Read on and check all the facts about smoking pot and studying.  Sure, you now hope that we will say that weed use is positive, right? […]

Make a delicious marijuana smoothie

marijuana smoothie

Reading Time: 3 minutes Have you ever tried a marijuana smoothie? It is a very pleasant way to use marijuana in a different way than smoking it. And even if you are familiar with marijuana edibles, a smoothie is another fun new way to consume marijuana. In addition, you can add all sorts of healthy ingredients and fruits to […]

The Effects Of THC And CBD

tic and cbd

Reading Time: 3 minutes A cannabis plant contains of many different substances. In the medical field the cannabinoids are the most important and the most studied. The effects of THC And CBD are the most researched. Recent studies show that the individual cannabinoids do have an effect. But they really can make a difference if they work together. This […]