What is a cannabis massage?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Pot enthusiasts will always have something new to explore. Those who have ever tried marijuana massage like me, then they are already aware of how the whole experience is like. Understandably, there are those questions that you will, of course, be asking yourself. For instance, does a cannabis massage get the user high? What is […]

The 20 trippiest Cannabis world records

Reading Time: 4 minutes Setting a target and achieving it are two worlds apart. The same case applies to get recognized in any world record. Probably you didn’t know that there are marijuana world records, and you would be curious to learn today. Notably, achieving these was undeniably a pipedream for many, and not every record holder was even […]

25 most famous cannabis Celebrities

Reading Time: 5 minutes In the quest to have cannabis legalized worldwide for both medical and recreational purposes, more and more famous pot smokers have publicly claimed to use the drug for its myriad of benefits. Today, you can’t be amazed enough to find that these celebs never hide their affection for pot.  Below, find a famous stoners list […]

Is marijuana a gateway drug?

Reading Time: 6 minutes Marijuana isn’t addictive like other harder drugs, yet people tend to develop a mental dependency on cannabis that can bring about withdrawal symptoms and cravings. Concentrates, for example, this one by the Mayo Clinic shows cannabis dependency is significantly more outlandish than lawful substances like tobacco and liquor, just as heroin and cocaine.  There are, […]

What is Craft Cannabis Industry?

Reading Time: 7 minutes As more states and nations are moving towards the legalization of either medicinal cannabis or recreational cannabis, user profiles are constantly changing due to this trend. Therefore, most people are shifting in the direction of craft cannabis which is similar to how many individuals are turning towards natural agriculturists, specialized breweries and boutique wineries.  The […]

Brick weed – What is it?

Reading Time: 6 minutes If you can remember days back when there were no cell phones or computers in your homes, you probably know what brick weed is. If not, then your parents can be conversant with this type of weed. Chances are, it was the only way to take weed that was available during those dark days. However, […]