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Brown weed

Why is my weed brown? 6 possible reasons

Reading Time: 5 minutes Brown weed, sometimes known as brick weed, is often associated with low quality, dirt and bad smell. It is the lowest grade of weed consumed

Organic fertilizer compost bin

11 Ways To Make Your Own Homemade Cannabis Fertilizer

Reading Time: 11 minutes Like all plants, cannabis relies on essential nutrients to survive and grow. Essential nutrients required by the plant are Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, calcium, and others.

Canna butter and oil

Our 3 best Edible Recipes (Without Cooking)

Reading Time: 6 minutes Cannabis or marijuana edibles are indeed sweeping across the world right now. It is not in the United States, where most states have some form

Topping marijuana plant

Topping guide: 4 steps to increase yield by 32,27%

Reading Time: 8 minutes Topping marijuana plants is essential for increasing yields and improving the plants’ appearance. Topping entails cutting off the top of the cannabis plant. Most novice

cannabis hotboxing

What is cannabis hotboxing?

Reading Time: 7 minutes There are many ways to get high. But the best way is probably by cannabis hotboxing. Just invite your friends over and settle into a

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