Why to your Clean Grow room


Reading Time: 2 minutes As any avid grower knows, cultivating cannabis can be tricky seeing as there are so many different aspects of the process to consider. However, many growers often overlook one simple thing – cleanliness. Keeping your grow room clean is incredibly important and the following article is here to tell you all about why this is: […]

Useful Cannabis Growing Tips


Reading Time: 2 minutes Mycorrhizas are associations between plant roots and helpful fungi, created when the two work together. It is a very beneficial relationship for both parties, protecting them from disease as well as increasing nutrient uptake. Let’s take a closer look at mycorrhiza, as well as how you could put it to good use in your cannabis […]

What does “420” Actually Mean


Reading Time: 2 minutes Every year on 20th April, marijuana consumers around the world celebrate the cannabis culture. Whether or not you are a cannabis enthusiast, you have probably aware of this unofficial holiday that is celebrated worldwide. Many people celebrate 420 on the 20th of April. But what Is the history behind this date? The Story Behind 420 […]

Growing Weed At Home – The 411


Reading Time: 3 minutes Most people have probably thought about growing their own pot plants at some point in their lives, but it might actually be easier than some believe it to be. There’s one spot in every person’s home that’s, well, pretty perfect for the growth of a cannabis plant: the windowsill. Not everybody has the means or […]

THC and Sex and Sexual Performance


Reading Time: 2 minutes People have been making good use of marijuana and hemp plants for millennia, using it to treat conditions ranging from arthritis to psoriasis – some research even suggests that the compounds within the plants, like THC and CBD, are able to help individuals cope with mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. However, medical […]

Popcorn Bud


Reading Time: 2 minutes Growing cannabis comes with many trials and tribulations, one of which is popcorn buds. These are flowers on the cannabis plant which never really fully develop, and a lot of them can mean a dramatically reduced yield. Keep reading to find out some tips on how to avoid these little menaces so as to keep […]

A Hindu Kush History Lesson


Reading Time: 2 minutes If you have ever heard of cannabis, you’ve likely heard the word ‘Kush,’ a name given to various cannabis strains that has a surprisingly rich history. Kush strains are named as such because of the mountains from which their landrace is derived – landrace meaning the wild cannabis that grows in nature. Kush’s landrace is […]