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Brown weed

Why is my weed brown? 6 possible reasons

Reading Time: 7 minutes Why is my weed brown? Brown weed, sometimes known as brick weed, is often associated with low quality, dirt and bad smell. It is the

Organic fertilizer compost bin

11 Ways To Make Your Own Homemade Cannabis Fertilizer

Reading Time: 11 minutes Like all plants, cannabis relies on essential nutrients to survive and grow. Essential nutrients required by the plant are Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, calcium, and others.

The 20 trippiest Cannabis world records

Reading Time: 5 minutes Setting a target and achieving it are two worlds apart. The same case applies to get recognized in any world record. Probably you didn’t know

Add flavor to cannabis

How to add more flavor to your cannabis

Reading Time: 8 minutes Do you think the taste of your weed is a bit boring? Then why not add some extra flavor. It’s very easy and fun to