Marijuana against inflammation

marijuana against inflammation

Reading Time: 6 minutes Many diseases and disorders are accompanied by inflammation. Marijuana can play an important role in treatment. But how does marijuana help against inflammation? Read on and discover the positive properties of cannabis that inhibit inflammatory processes in the human body. Now that marijuana is increasingly in the spotlight thanks to the legalization, more studies are […]

Different effects of marijuana on men and women

different effects of marijuana on men and women

Reading Time: 7 minutes The use of marijuana can have completely different effects on man and women. What causes that? The various effects have to do with the difference in biochemistry. THC from cannabis reacts with testosterone receptors in the male body. And in the female body it has an effect on estrogen receptors. Read on and discover everything […]

What is the difference between a joint, blunt, and spliff?

Reading Time: 3 minutes As a connoisseur, it wouldn’t hurt if you familiarize yourself with the relevant terms. For instance, vaporizing pot is a buzzword today, and you perhaps know its meaning. Nonetheless, the accessibility, elegance, and dependability of rolling ganja remain a beauty to keep on beholding. The truth, though, is that some of the weed rolling terms […]

What is a ceramic donut atomizer? Pros and cons

Reading Time: 4 minutes In the recent past, there has been a boom of ceramic donut atomizers/coils on the market. Although the use of coils is not a new concept, the gradual decriminalization of cannabis and its derivatives have played a vital role in the sudden increase in demand. Besides, intertwining ceramic materials to coils is the highest level […]

How was cannabis used in ancient history?

Reading Time: 3 minutes The history of cannabis usage for both recreational and medicinal reasons dates way back to ancient times. In fact, there are reports that link the usage of weed and the dead before the 1960s. However, something must have led to learning that marijuana was indeed useful in mortuary rituals.  The first-ever recorded instance of earliest […]