Californian Skunk

The Californian Skunk, as the name gives away, has its origin from California. She came into existence as a result of crossing the California strain with Skunk. As Skunks have been famous in California since the 1980s, the fame still stands.

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Skunk special

Special it is! Connoisseurs, who value thick clouds of Skunk, will unanimously nod that the Skunk Special is that piece of dope that best works for them. She maintains the typical qualities of the ordinary Skunk, and this includes her ability to do well across different parts of the world, resistance to molds, pests, and diseases, and of course, massive yields. The buds are also sticky, which means that in case the weather gets adverse, the buds will still tightly remain in their perfect place. 

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Skunk supreme feminized cannabis seeds

Skunk Supreme fem from indeed depicts supremacy. After crossing their valuable Super Skunk and Critical, the result is this feminized strain that maintains the parents’ characteristics, with an upper hand in better yields, resistance to pests and diseases, and adverse weather conditions.

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Super skunk Cannabis Seeds

This strain is truly second to none and was designed especially for those who have a taste for Skunk weed. Perfect for beginners, or growers who are more advanced – our Super Skunk seeds have something for everyone. It’s a real functional indica at its very best, meaning you’ll receive the relaxation from smoking this one with none of the sluggishness. Keep reading if you want to know more!

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Super skunk autoflower Marijuana Seeds

The superb-quality Super Skunk auto-flowering feminized strain from comes as a result of mixing their dependable Afghan and Skunk 1. She is extraordinarily sturdy and resistant to pests, diseases, and molds, and can virtually grow anywhere in the world. For those who adore what the typical Skunk can do, then this Indica-dominant strain should be in their bucket list.

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Super skunk feminized Cannabis Seeds

Our Super Skunk feminized is as a result of our smart work that saw us crossing the Skunk 1 and Northern Lights. Her amounts of Tetrahydrocannabinol are skyrocketed, with the Cannabidiol levels being normal. This is one of those few strains that stone the connoisseur to the core. In fact, this strain was more of our critical source of inspiration when we crafted our weed tips blog post.

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Thai skunk

Thai Skunk is absolutely heavenly strain with an unforgettable taste: she’s sweet, she’s spicy, and she packs a punch. Smoking this one may even make you imagine you’re on a sunny beach in Thailand, she truly is that relaxing. Why not give our Thai Skunk marijuana seeds a try and find out for yourself?

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