Durban poison Marijuana Seeds

Durban Poison is a 100% Sativa-dominant strain that gets characterized by giving the user mind-boggling effects. The high is also uplifting, and the flavour is sweet, sweet licorice. Necessarily, Durban Poison is the go-to strain for that pothead who wants to grow it outdoors and take a morning hit to remain focused the entire day as they run their errands.

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Characteristics of this strain

Poison your tastebuds today with the Durban poison Marijuana Seeds today. Well, just kidding, but this strain with South African Origin, Durban, hence the name; has a combination of different scents and flavors. That is piny, sweet, and fruity after the hit. One of the features of the Durban Poison weed is the fact that this is a towering strain, especially when grown outdoors. You wouldn’t expect any difference for a 100% typical Sativa like this grass. The heights go up to 230cm outdoors, and 80cm indoors, which tells you that you may need to give her adequate attention during the cultivation phase.

Secondly, Durban Poison regular seeds grass has a smooth high; and thus it is ideal for that pothead who has no loads of experience. Specifically, the THC levels average between 5 and 15%. This is to tell you that you won’t be couch-locked after you take this weed. If you are an absolute beginner, then there is no cause for alarm when you go the Durban Poison way, but it would be wise if you start with a couple of hits as you work your way up.

Thirdly, this is not the most massively yielding weed, and you can expect to reap up to 350gms and 375gms of weed indoors and outdoors, respectively. Not to look down on her, though, she packs heavy stuff. Smooth hit that alleviates different conditions such as PTSD, and helping you remain focused, productive, while also alleviating the Social Anxiety Disorder. A point to note about this strain is that it is the utter best for the day time consumption.

The indoor flowering time of the Durban Poison strain is one of the shortest and ranges between 7 and 9 weeks. To the greatest extent, if you are somewhat impatient, then this strain will do you justice.

From South-Africa, Bred in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the ultimate place where the Durban Poison marijuana strain traces its improvement, while as initially mentioned, this weed originates from the Southernmost part of the cradle of mankind – South Africa.

A point to note, though is that it has taken the some couple of years to come up with this regular weed, and this means that quality is guaranteed when you go this seed’s way.

For the more than 20 years we have been selling pot seeds, we have focused on quality and consistent improvement while ensuring that these beans resonate with the exact characteristics of the original strain, and our Durba Poison weed seeds aren’t an exception.

How hard is it to grow this strain?

Durban weed seeds have a moderate or easy growing difficulty, depending on the experience level of the grower. We feel like newbies may also grow the strain hassle-free, provided they do everything right. In an overview, this is the nitty-gritty to give you a hold on how to go about it.

Firstly, factor in a germination method that you can fulfill hassle-free. Would that be the use of seedling plugs, a germination station, the paper towel method, or overnight soaking?

Secondly, perhaps you are aware that cannabis plants require ample spacing, water, nutrients, and lights. What should be in your mind as of now is that all these factors need to be on-point if at all you are to see the best flourishing of your Durban Poison marijuana seeds grass.

Thirdly, this plant does well indoors and outdoors, and this leaves you with no mental cracking questions such as the best place to germinate the plant. The indoor and outdoor yields difference is negligible, so any is good.

Could it be you are looking forward to being a cannabis breeder but probably are wondering how to go about it? The choice lies in the cultivation of regular cannabis seeds such as Durban Poison seeds. This means that you will be coming up with both males and females. That way, it would be easier to come up with the clones and hybrids of your choice, if at all you have mastered the art of cannabis breeding.