Auto Flower Fruit Basket Combo Pack Cannabis Seeds

Nothing beats the joy felt after feeling downside for a few moments and then boom, a fruit basket staring at you! In this combination bouquet, we have included 10 of our top-rated seeds from three different strains. If you know someone who deserves to get treated right, then think of this combo pack. What are potheads for, anyway? Sharing the goodies of mother-nature!

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A package of super auto-flowering seeds

We know that you wish  to plant grass in the most hassle-free way possible. With three different strains, all with an auto-flowering nature, one needs not to worry lots about the lighting schedules. The best thing with all of the 3 strains included in the pack is that they are of superb quality, and sprouting is almost guaranteed, especially if everything gets done right. Behold what’s in the package.

4 Pineapple Express Auto-flowering seeds

A pure pineapple taste makes some connoisseurs jump with joy after the AMSB Pineapple Express auto-fem strain reaches their taste buds. We aren’t different either.

This is a potent strain that comes as a result of crossing potent strains such as White Widow, Ruderalis genetics, Strawberry Ice, and Limoncello Haze. 

It is a mostly Sativa strain and can be easy or medium to grow depending on the user. They simply couldn’t fail to include the Pineapple Express Auto-flowering seeds in our auto-flower basket combo pack, thanks to its fruity pineapple aroma. 

3 Blueberry 420 Auto-flowering seeds

As the name implies, the Blueberry 420 auto-feminized strain has a Blueberry flavour. With 60% Indica and 40% Sativa, this strain is ideal for those who like taking pot any time of the day. In the pack, they have included 3 of those seeds to help you find what best suits you every time of the day.

3 Limoncello Haze Auto-flowering seeds

The Limoncello Haze auto-feminized seeds come as a result of crossing our Lemon Ice and XTRM Super Silver Haze strains. The resulting pot plant is an ideal solution for those struggling with insomnia and appetite loss.

Also, note that advices their customers to be careful when taking this strain. She is exceptionally potent (between 20 and 30% THC levels) and can cause a couch-locked feeling after taking her hit.

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