Limoncello haze ® auto-fem crossed their superb XTRM Super Silver Haze and Lemon Ice to come up with the tasty Limoncello Haze Auto-Fem strain of weed. The plant gives superbly-shaped buds that are enormous, and the fruity taste is what can be the perfect definition of the best. Mostly, she is an auto-flowering cannabis sativa-dominant strain. Also, this strain is ideal for those who swear by vaping.

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What makes this strain so special?

Being an auto-flowering, the Limoncello Haze Auto-Fem strain also has a short indoor flowering time which ranges between 8 and 9 weeks. The heights are also moderately short and go to as high as 100cm when cultivated indoors, and up to 110cm in case the plants get grown outdoors. 

She also has a perfect combination of THC and CBD, where the THC levels go to as high as within the 20 and 30% range. Her Sativa dominance, on the other hand, also goes up to 70%, with Indica being 30%.  

It is also important to mention that Limoncello is extraordinarily potent, and beginners may not find this strain to be their perfect choice. Nonetheless, we have more than 110 more different strains, and customers may filter through different results to obtain that strain that seems ideal for their experience level. 

How high do you get from this strain?

Limoncello produces high psychedelic effects. These enhance one’s comfortability as they battle different stressors in workplaces or after waking up. Ideally, you can be sure to smoke or vape the Limoncello Haze Auto-Fem. 

The high takes time to kick in, but it is long-lasting. This means that medical marijuana users who suffer from conditions such as chronic pain, stress, and anxiety will have their conditions alleviated to the entirety when they take Limoncello Haze Auto-Fem.

Is it easy or hard to grow?

Limoncello Haze Auto-Fem has a moderate growing difficulty and thus, fits those who have an intermediate growing experience and the experts. 

The expected yield

Limoncello Haze Auto-Fem yields up to 350gms per square meter indoors and up to 450gms per square meter when cultivated outdoors. 

Everything about the flavour

Limoncello has a citrusy taste, and the aroma is lemony. 

It is still in Stock

If you would like to hotbox or vape thick clouds of weed smoke, then the Limoncello Haze Auto-Fem strain is what you typically need to keep balling. Thankfully, Limoncello Haze Auto-Fem is still in stock, and you can buy it online right away on

Shipping your Limoncello Haze Auto-Fem

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