Habiba ® Marijuana Seeds

Habiba is an Arabica term that refers to “beloved”. Well, this typically means that whenever you take the potent hit of Habiba, you will be joining other legendary connoisseurs who find this piece of dope a lovable and adorable strain. Necessarily, if you swear at strains that contain pure Indica characteristics, then Habiba is in your swear list!

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Important information about this strain

Habiba ® Marijuana Seeds has an origin from the Mazar cannabis strain. With 100% Indica dominance and 0% Sativa, the Habiba strain grows to be relatively bushy, strong, and in small size. The size makes her ideal for those who would like to grow their pot in privacy, without anyone realizing what they are undertaking. You can actually grow Habiba in your balcony, too. 

In an indoor growing environment, the height goes up to 70cm and up to 200cm when cultivated outdoors. She also gets characterized by the fast growth rate, sticky and massive buds, and heavy yields. The flowering time is also short and happens between 8 and 9 weeks, whereas harvesting, when cultivated outdoors, occurs best between September and October.  

The THC levels are average and range between 16 and 20%. 

Does this strain make you relaxed?

Being an Indica, Habiba mostly harbours deeply relaxing effects; thus, making her ideal for medicinal benefits and unwinding during the night time, after a tiresome day at work. Importantly, Habiba has a soft high; hence, it has trace amounts of CBD.  

Can I grow this strain outdoors?

Habiba has easy growing difficulty. This means that even the utter beginner can cultivate the beauty hassle-free. It does well indoors, outdoors, and in hydroponics. However, be sure to subject the crop to sufficient amounts of water.

How much Yield can I expect from this seed?

Habiba yields up to 500gms per square meter when cultivated indoors and up to 1000gms when grown outdoors. This tells you that if you the needful resources in place, Habiba does well outdoors and can be the ultimate strain for outdoor cultivation. That said, even if you are a commercial cannabis farmer, Habiba also befits your passion. 

Taste and Scent of Habiba 

Habiba has an excellent taste of fruity taste, and the aroma is more oranges and sweet berries.