Lemon Ice marijuana seeds

Lemon Ice is a piece of Sativa-dominant dope that will undeniably lighten up your day if you were somewhat feeling down and lazy. It is one of the few strains that grow to be extremely tall and yet sturdy. You can be sure to plant her outdoors as opposed to indoors since she truly enjoys the sunshine. The buds are also sturdily-packed, and she provides heavy yields when she gets the attention she deserves. 

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Lemon Ice Marijuana Seeds is an absolutely beautiful strain that is sure to tickle your fancy. She’s a lovely sativa-dominant hybrid and, if treated right, she’ll reward you with a generous yield and potent buds.

Well known for its fruity scent

Marijuana that smells and tastes good really is the icing on the cake. This is why this strain was specifically developed to give off a tasty scent. A refreshing daytime smoke that isn’t too heavy, we guarantee you’ll love our Lemon Ice weed. She’ll make you feel smiley and euphoric, though you’ll still remain functional and able to carry out normal daily tasks.

Is this strain suitable for beginners?

Lemon Ice is an incredibly popular strain and therefore it isn’t really hard to see why she is very easy to grow. However, it should be noted that this variety does take up quite a lot of space as she grows tall and bushy. So if you’re lacking in grow room, she may not be for you. She offers up a generous yield though, and flowers in around 10 weeks – sometimes in only 8! She can reach heights of 2.7 meters outside and will deliver around 530 grams per plant! Not too bad, huh?

How does this weed make you feel?

This strain truly is the epitome of weed that makes you feel good. With a high THC level of 19%, you can be sure that you won’t be disappointed with Lemon Ice. She’ll make you feel happy and talkative, and it’s been said she’s a pretty decent creative tool as well. She looks gorgeous too and can be easily recognized by her yellow tint and fiery orange hairs.