AMS Supreme autoflower seeds

Supreme it is! Bred using their proprietary process, crossed their  Critical and White Widow XTRM to come up with this AMS Supreme autoflower seeds.

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The growing difficulty of these seeds is easy and suitable for both veteran and newbie cannabis cultivators. These seeds do well in both indoor and outdoor cultivation environments.

Potent parental figures 

As mentioned above, we use our Critical and White Widow XTRM strains for coming up with the AMS Supreme autoflower marijuana seeds. 

All these two strains give heavy yields and skyrocketed amounts of THC. This means that as much as you are getting a bumper harvest both indoors and outdoors, you will also enjoy potent pot to solve your various pain points.

Also, there isn’t worry about finding unwanted male plants in your package since this is an autoflower strain.

The intense effects of Indica

With Indica levels of 60% and a Sativa percentage of 40, you will be sure that you are getting a mix of the two, but to a greater extent, the various benefits of Indica. 

You will undeniably feel profoundly relaxed and happy shortly after taking a hit of the AMS Supreme autoflower as far as the effects get concerned.

Choose the seeds at your convenience 

Your budget shouldn’t restrict you from purchasing the Supreme seeds of your choice. You can conveniently buy a pack of 5, 10, or 20 depending on your preference budget-wise or as a way to get your feet wet in cannabis growing. 

Fast flowering times

How cool is it to see your easily grown and high-quality ganja plants flowering anywhere between 7 and 9 weeks? The AMS Supreme autoflower feminized seeds also blossom automatically; thus, you won’t have to worry a lot about the lighting schedules.