Misty Cannabis Seeds

Misty is a regular cannabis strain that is ideal for beginners and veterans alike. Her physical appearance is more of the AMS White Widow, but she is more advanced in characteristics such as denser buds, flavour, and better manageable heights.

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Strain description

Misty Cannabis Marijuana Seeds’ parents are White Widow and Snow White; thus, the combination of the characteristics of the parents makes her ideal for producing a misty-like smoke, hence the name.

She is Indica-dominant, with Indica being 70% and Sativa 30%. At a glance, she is bushier than most Indica-dominant strains, and passing through her makes you notice her auspicious scent. The THC levels go to as high as a 20-30% range, and the CBD levels are normal. What a fantastic cannabinoid profile!

Her buds are crystal-filled and produce thick clouds of smoke. If you would like to drive under the influence of this beautiful pot dope, be sure to turn on the fog lights as you won’t simply get away with clouded eyes.

The indoor height is mostly short and goes up to 70cm. The outdoor height goes to as high as 190cm. Nonetheless, if you would like to go the outdoor way, be sure to sprout your seeds early such that you will reap the yields at the best time – between September and October.

What are the mental/physical effects of this strain?

Misty maintains the effects of typical Indica strains and mostly gets characterized by profoundly relaxing effects. This means that you can use her for unwinding after a long day at work and encountering daily stressors. Take a hit of Misty dope and stay relaxed with a perfect touch of satisfaction.

Is this a beginner-friendly strain to grow?

Misty has easy growing difficulty, which makes her ideal to get cultivated even by that pothead who has never thought of transforming his farm into a grass garden. She doesn’t require loads of attention, such as lollipopping and pruning, so don’t hesitate to go this route if you are indeed passionate about pot. She does well both indoors and outdoors, and you can be sure to cultivate her in hydroponics, too.

What is the average yield?

Misty yields up to 425gms per square meter when cultivated indoors and up to 450gms per square meter in the case of outdoor growing.

What does this strain taste like?

Misty has a sweet sugary taste and a rotten fruity sweet stink.