Rainbow kush feminized

The Rainbow Kush Fem strain gets famous for her stood-out scent, piny flavour, and distinguished rainbow colours. Being a cross between the Hindu Kush and Master Kush, Amsterdammarijuanaseeds.com keeps on diving deeper and improving this queen even more. Notably, she is the best grass strain with a perfect blend of colour and tasty characteristics. 

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Rainbow Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds is a wonderfully potent and vibrant strain with phenomes to match its colorful name – this one really does have it all. Rainbow Kush smells like a walk through a pine tree forest, with hints of sweet earthiness. Parented by the famous Master Kush and Hindu Kush, this strain definitely isn’t something you want to miss! Come on, taste the rainbow already.

An indica dominant strain

This strain is an indica-dominant variety. This means that it’s perfect for relaxing and unwinding after a long, hard day. It isn’t too heavy so that its overwhelming, but it does have a nice, sedative-like affect. So it may send you to sleep if you aren’t careful! Rainbow Kush has a pretty hefty THC content too, and this combined with its indica leaning genetics make for a very effective medicinal strain. That’s right, this one’s fun and practical!

Surprisingly easy to grow for beginners

Rainbow Kush is surprisingly easy to grow, though you wouldn’t think it as she definitely appears to be on the premium side of things. This strain is super generous too, offering over 750 grams per square meter when grown outside – incredible!

A full-blown body high

If anything, Rainbow Kush will make you smile. It’s the kind of weed that makes you look and feel a little dopey, though it is still a somewhat functional high if you have decent focus. This strain delivers an all-over body high, and she doesn’t look too bad either! In fact, Rainbow Kush is one of the loveliest looking strains out there, streaked in purple and gold with a tantalizing layer of crystals smothering her buds – order some and find out for yourself!

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